Dead Cars & Doughnuts

What a start to the weekend! I got up early on Saturday so that I could make it to the gym for a quick lifting session/workout and be home in time to get ready for girl’s day with two of my besties. Got dressed, stuffed my face, grabbed my bag and keys and headed out to my trusty old Accord…or so I thought. The first weird thing I noticed was that unlocking the passenger side door didn’t unlock the driver side door like usual.  I headed over to the driver side, stuck the key in the lock, turned it, and nothing happened. So I returned to the passenger side, me and my giraffe legs climbed awkwardly across my gym bag to the driver seat and unlocked the door. Awesome, great, both the doors unlock and open now. What is not so awesome and great? That the engine doesn’t even turn over when the key is turned in the ignition. And by this time, my hubby has already left for the gym in our other trusty newer vehicle. I grabbed my bag and bad attitude and came back in the house. So I wasn’t going to make it up to the gym, but I reminded myself we have a lot of great equipment in our garage gym and there was no reason I couldn’t still lift and do my workout. After a slow start (read bad attitude), I finally started getting into the swing of things and hitting all my programmed snatches and push presses. I even got an awesome workout of rowing, sit-ups, and hip extensions in after lifting. Although the morning didn’t go as planned, it turned out better because I didn’t have to rush at the gym to make it home in time to get ready for girl’s day.

Kalee, Des, and I headed down to Louisville for our first stop at Hi Five Doughnuts new store! We’ve been huge fans of theirs for over a year, stopping at their doughnut truck whenever we had a chance, so it was super fun to stop into the store for the first time. I got a Fruit Loop Margarita and a Snickers doughnut.

After Hi Five, we made our way over to the Flea Off Flea Market to meet up with our friend, Ashley, and Kalee’s sister, Kara. It’s such a cute flea market full of food trucks and vendors carrying everything from art, jewelry, and fresh pickled vegetables and jellies to succulents, handmade wooden signs, and homemade dog food. Honestly, the people watching is half the fun- outfit of the day went to a man wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt and skin tight acid wash jeans with elastic-banded ankles! After wandering around the vendors, it only made sense to head over to the food to try out all the delicious choices. We can definitely all put down some food. I headed straight for Hi Five’s doughnut truck for their warm doughnut holes covered in peanut butter glaze and mini chocolate chips. And lucky for me, Lousiville Cream had a booth next to them so I got a serving of Moonlight Blue (cream cheese ice cream swirled with truffle brownies and blueberry ganache) to smother over my doughnut holes. I mean, who needs “real” food when you can eat dessert instead?  

File_001 (1)

I came home from an awesome girl’s day trip to a freshly mowed lawn, a big pot of veggie chili on the stove, and cupcakes in the oven. Homemade dark chocolate cupcakes filled with salted caramel and dark chocolate buttercream. Can you tell I’m obsessed with sweets yet?? If not, let me ask you this- was there any better way to end my Saturday night than eating a delicious homemade cupcake with ice cream cozied up in bed with your hubby and pup watching “Office Christmas Party”?   


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