hilton head

After our super scrumptious brunch at Tupelo Honey, Josh and I started the last leg of our drive over to Hilton Head. What should have been about a 5 hour drive turned into much longer…there were several wrecks and lots and lots and lots of rain which made for much slower driving than we had anticipated. Thankfully, we had Monsters to drink to keep us awake and lots of great music to help pass the time. And the closer we got to Hilton Head, the better the weather became. It was close to dinner time when we arrived on the island, so we decided to eat at Lucky Rooster. We had charred shishito peppers and okra for an appetizer. The veggies were crunchy and light enough to curb our hangry-ness, but not fill us up too much for our entrees. The menu there rotates to accommodate what is being grown locally, so you never know what options you might have to choose from. If we had been feeling extra adventurous, one of the options was a whole pig’s head! I wasn’t quite sure I could handle trying that for the first time in a crowded restaurant, so instead I ordered the half roasted chicken with collard greens, garlic smashed potatoes, and a honey+hot dipping sauce. That sauce was so yummy! Josh got the shrimp and grits with peas, beans, corn, and a tomato butter sauce.

We finally headed to the house my parents had rented for the week around 9 pm. The house we stayed at was in the Sea Pines Resort. The resort had everything you could imagine- shopping centers, a marina, tons of restaurants, golfing, stables, bike trails, and much more. Everyone else had made it to the house earlier that afternoon/evening, so they were just relaxing when we arrived. We wandered around to check out the rooms, the awesome backyard and pool, and get our stuff settled in our room. Everyone was super chill after traveling the past two days and ready for bed early.

Sunday morning was slow going and relaxed. We woke up on our own without an alarm- something we rarely ever do, even on the weekends! Tommy, Alysha, Josh, and I made a trip over to Duck Donuts for breakfast. We had to wait in line to order/get our doughnuts for almost 30 minutes, but it was well worth it. They make the cake donut batter every few minutes and don’t start forming it into rings or frying it until you place your order. Doesn’t get any fresher than that! They have what seems like a million different combinations of glazes, toppings, and drizzles to choose from for your donuts. Josh and I ordered a peanut butter glaze with Oreos and a hot fudge drizzle donut and a blueberry glaze with shredded coconut and a lemon drizzle. There’s not much more delicious than a fresh, warm cake donut!

When we made it back to the house, the rest of the family had already headed to the beach. The house we were staying at provided beach chairs, boogie boards, and bikes for us to use for the week. Alysha and Tommy grabbed two of the bikes and went ahead to the beach while Josh and I got changed and got our stuff together. We were all ready to ride our bikes over when we realized that the bikes left at the house were not great. One bike was in ok shape to ride, one had broken handle bars that constantly fell down. One bike had a flat tire and the remaining bike had a flat tire and looked like the tire was about to burst off the rim. We searched around to find the air pump and finally found one. We had to plug the air pump into the car to air up the tire. Twice because the first time didn’t air it up very well. After running around for several minutes to find the door code, get directions to the beach, figure out how to close the garage door, and make sure the house was all locked up we were FINALLY ready to head down to the beach. Or so we thought. The directions we were left with to get from the house to the beach were quite confusing. We followed the bike path around, over the bridge, and to the stop sign according to the directions. But we messed up by going straight instead of turning at the stop sign. So, we found ourselves on the golf course where no bikes are allowed but within view of the beach and ocean. We realized our mistake and turned around, eventually making it to the beach path. What should have been a total of 5 minutes (including changing, packing up our stuff, and riding to the beach) had know turned into almost 45-50 minutes and I was on the verge of having a meltdown. This was vacation. Wasn’t it supposed to be fun? Relaxing? Anything other than this? Thank God my husband is patient, lets me have my little meltdowns, hugs me, and we move on with the day.

The beach was very clean and pretty. It was relatively quiet for being the middle of summer. Families were lounging on their blankets under umbrellas, people throwing footballs back and forth, bobbing in the water. The ocean waves lapping against the sand have always been one of my favorite sounds. It’s very relaxing to me. With that being said, just laying out on the beach is hard for me to do. We’re really active at home, so it’s hard for me not to get bored after a short time just laying around. Oh, how times have changed since I was younger!

File_002 (2)   

After about an hour at the beach, Josh and I were ready to leave, so we grabbed Lys and Derrick and headed to Harbor Town in the Sea Pines resort. Harbor Town is a cute little area full of boutiques, specialty shops, restaurants, a marina, a lighthouse, and more. The first store we stopped in at was a clothing shop/convenience store. And it was the best store because it also had ice cream and Pino Gelato! It was rather lucky that we happened upon the gelato as it was snack time! I tried the salted caramel (delish!) and Josh had the bananas foster in a waffle cone. The gelato was so creamy and delightful. We explored the area a bit more and came across a whole section of rocking chairs looking out over the marina. I was in heaven! I love rocking chairs!   

The sky started to get cloudier and the wind started picking up, so Josh and I started walking towards the bakery to see if it was open and wait out the rain. The bakery was closed (boooo) and the weather was getting worse. We had to sprint to the car and it started pouring down rain as soon as we got in. It was supposed to rain for awhile and we still had a few hours until we were meeting up with my family for dinner, so we picked Derrick and Lys up to go back to the house. Everyone was getting ready…slowly…so I took a glorious hour long nap. When everyone was ready we went back to Harbor Town for dinner. It was sprinkling on and off, so it was pretty quiet around the area. The Crazy Crab restaurant was about an hour wait, so we all strolled around, stopping at different shops and taking pictures. PS, how adorbs are my parents?!  

Dinner at The Crazy Crab was great. They brought us out baskets of rolls and hush puppies. I think I ate 20 of those hush puppies. I couldn’t stop myself. They had a wide range of fresh seafood to choose from. Josh ordered the Captain’s Platter- crab cake, broiled lobster tail, flounder, shrimps, and scallops with mashed potatoes and green beans. I got the crab and lobster stuffed flounder with hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was everything my heart desired.   


After dinner, it wasn’t hard to convince everyone to get Pino Gelato from the convenience store. This time I tried the pistachio in a waffle cone and Josh had the butter pecan. Yumm-o!

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