Monday morning we got up bright and early (who am I kidding, we got up around 6:45 am which is super sleeping in) to make it to the 8 am WOD at Reebok Crossfit Coastal Carolina. The coaches there were very welcoming and knowledgeable. It was kind of crazy to drop in at a gym that didn’t have very many actual members working out- out of the 20 or so people working out, only 2-3 were full time members! Guess that’s just part of living in a vacation spot. The workout for the day was “Helen” which includes running, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups. I got a PR! I know the run was probably measured out slightly different than what we use at home, but I was still excited to do better.

File_000 (8)

My brother had told me about seeing an alligator the day before in the side ditches, so Josh and I were on the hunt to find one…and we did! I could hardly contain my excitement! Every ditch we drove by the rest of the week, I was constantly on gator watch lol.   

After we ate some breakfast and got ready, Derrick, Lys, Josh, and I headed over for a day trip to Savannah, Georgia. Sea Pines is on the far side of Hilton Head Island, so it took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to make it to Savannah. The drive was really pretty, lots of country roads lined with gorgeous old trees and large plantations. We parked off Drayton Street and made our way to Broughton Street which has tons of restaurants and stores. We had some time to kill before the restaurant we wanted to eat at opened and Josh had been wanting some new shorts, so we stopped in at Lululemon to find some (Side note: I recently found out that you can get a decent discount from Lulu if you have your CrossFit L1 certificate…this would have been nice to know before buying a couple pairs of shorts from there haha). After some shopping, it was time for lunch. Alysha and Tommy had told us about their previous visit to Savannah and eating at Treylor Park and I am SO glad they did! We got there right when they opened and were seated right away. We got lucky- the restaurant is quite small and it filled up very quickly soon after we got there. They have pictures of campers and trailers all over and were projecting Beetlejuice up on the wall. It was just such a fun, quirky place. The menu featured some very interesting selections and it was so hard to settle on a choice. I ended up ordering the chicken & pancake tacos- lightly toasted pancakes with fried chicken, chili aioli, and strawberry salsa with a side salad. It was a combination I would never have thought to put together, but it was delish! Josh ordered the chicken biscuit- a buttermilk biscuit loaded with fried chicken, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg with a side of collard greens. Lys ordered the PB&J wings…amaze! I would order these in a heartbeat if we ever go again. The wings are fried and coated  with the yummiest, most ooey-gooey, scrumptious peanut/pecan butter sauce and served with a side of peach jelly sauce. I couldn’t help myself and kept wiping my tacos through the sauce spilled over on her plate. It was that good to me. Derrick ordered the “popcorn” shrimp which made me laugh out loud when it arrived- it was literally fried popcorn shrimp with buttermilk ranch and chili powder on top of a bed of popcorn. Totally wasn’t expecting a bed of popcorn, but it was really yummy too. I think it’s safe to say we were all very happy with all our food choices.       

After lunch, we made our way down to River Street to visit Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. The roads were stone and brick paved and it was like taking a step back in time. The stairs down to River Street were fun too- they were super steep and had warning signs stating “Historic stairs- use at own risk”. River Street is packed with restaurants, pubs, shops, and much more, but we only stopped in to the most important shop- Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. They make fresh daily and sell more candies and goodies than you could ever want- pralines, fudge, candy apples, rice krispie treats, ice cream, toffee, taffy the list goes on and on. I enjoyed watching them dip the candy apples and make the rice krispies and pralines right in front of us. Josh got the most delicious candy apple covered in gooey caramel, dipped in milk chocolate, then rolled in Reese’s Pieces. I got a rice krispie treat bigger than my palm coated in white chocolate with a milk chocolate drizzle and crushed Reese’s on top. I must apologize for scarfing mine down before getting a picture. Derrick and Lys both got banana cream pie ice cream in waffle cones for their afternoon treat.    

We headed back up to the main street level to stroll through all the different squares. While Derrick and Lys stopped in at a comic book store, Josh and I found a bench in Oglethorpe Square to enjoy the scenery while eating our candy apple and rice krispie treat. The squares throughout Savannah are like nothing I’ve been to before- little sanctuaries from everyday life to stop and relax, enjoy the breeze through the trees, and get away for even a short time.

Lys and Derrick met back up with us at Colonial Park Cemetery. Cemeteries are always a little weird to me, but it was interesting to see so much history and all the old headstones and markers.

After the cemetery, we continued walking to Chippewa Square. Chippewa Square is the site of the famous Forrest Gump bus bench scene. While the bench was only a prop for the movie and no longer there, the statue of General James Oglethorpe is still an eye-catching focal point.

We continued on our trek to Forsyth Park. This was my favorite. It was the largest “square” and had a huge, beautiful fountain surrounded by pretty flowers. We walked down to the Confederate Monument then stopped in at a little cafe there to cool off (and so that I could finish my rice krispie treat).

We had been walking around for a couple hours at this point, so we turned around to head back to the car and see some other squares. We stopped at Lafayette Square to see the fountain and at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The cathedral was huge and breathtaking, with so many ornate details.

File_000 (4)

By this time, the sky started getting really cloudy and the temperature was dropping, so we went back to the car to avoid the rain and head back to Hilton Head for family dinner. It was a quiet drive back, listening to music and enjoying the country roads. Back at the house, Mitchell and Tommy were prepping dinner for us all and Mom, Alysha, and Kylie were enjoying the pool. They had spent the day at Coligny Plaza shopping and my mom got me the cutest tank. Of course, I had to try it on and enjoy my piña colada next to the pool in it.

While the guys finished fixing food, Kylie, Alysha, Mom, and I hopped on our bikes and went to Harbor Town. We got a few drinks and walked around. The weather was sunny and nice, so there were a lot more people and things going on. It was great to walk around and just have some girl time.

File_003 (2)

When we got back to the house, the guys had fixed us up a yummy meal of grilled chicken and shrimp, fresh asparagus, and sweet potatoes complete with some homemade concoctions of a pineapple glaze sauce and cucumber yogurt sauce. It was nice to just relax at the house and have everyone squished around the table, talking and laughing together. After dinner, Josh and I headed to Hilton Head Ice Cream while my family went to the beach for sunset. The ice cream was delicious (I got THE best chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I’ve ever had, in a waffle cone of course), but I’m a little jealous because my family was able to see a sea turtle come up on the sand and lay her eggs! How very cool is that?! Thank you to my sis for taking a picture so I could live vicariously!

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