it’s so good to be home

Oh gosh, this weekend was exactly what I needed. We didn’t make any plans, but just were along for whatever came up. We woke up early Saturday morning for the gym. We hit our RP Hypertrophy lifting (we’re finally on week 4…and let me tell you, it is getting much harder! I’ll be very happy to hit our deload week soon!), got all swole and flexy during mobility class, then did an awesome partner workout in class. The workout had lots of running, kettlebells swings, burpees, and overhead squats, back squats, and front squats. It felt really good to lift and be moving around, even though I was suuuuper sore from the workouts earlier in the week. I’m always so thankful to be around a group of people that push me to be my best and Saturday was a great example of that. After a quick trip to Kroger (yay for a coffee grinder and new coffee for Josh and some Halo Top ice cream for me!), we headed home for “chores” time. You all know the drill by now- I meal prepped/did laundry/cleaned up around the house while Josh mowed the lawn and studied for his GRE. Our routine is down, boom baby! Seriously, it’s the little things in life that can seem tedious that really add up to make a difference. And I may or may not have ordered three pints of Jeni’s Ice Cream, which might have helped me be in a good mood. We didn’t open any of the pints because we’re still on our cut (I’ve got to be honest, it was hard to resist such amazing sounding flavors as sweet corn & black raspberries, Middle West whiskey & pecans, and cream puff ice cream), but I wanted to have on hand for when we start maintenance in a few more weeks.

File_000 (6)

For dinner Saturday night, we decided to try the stuffed yogurt chicken breasts from our Renaissance Feast cookbook. Josh also sauteed up some delicious fresh Brussels sprouts with garlic and chicken broth. *drool* I really could eat a million pounds of those things. For the roasted veggies (from the chicken recipe), we used onions and colored bell peppers. The veggies were really yummy, especially with the yogurt sauce cooked on them. The chicken was a little dry (the recipe called for almost an hour of baking time), but pouring the extra sauce/juices on top helped. If we made this again, we would definitely shorten the baking time. Or just make the creamy chicken enchiladas again because they. were. the. best.     

We recently got a new mattress and the old one has been sitting in the guest room. We decided to be the ultimate lazy couple and drag the old mattress out into the living room to watch movies on the floor. We’re paying for HBO Now currently (because Game of Thrones, like there would be another reason), so we took advantage of all the movies they have on the app and watched The Legend of Tarzan. Guys. It was awful. I really tried to like it, I really did. I love Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgȧrd is really handsome, so I thought the movie would be worth a shot. It was boring and long and not at all what I wanted it to be unfortunately. Don’t waste your time. If you don’t believe me, just ask Rocko.   

Sunday morning was relaxing and lazy. We ate breakfast, then lounged on the couch drinking tea (for me) and coffee (for Josh). We took advantage of HBO Now again and picked a much better movie to watch. We had to redeem ourselves after Tarzan, so we picked Now You See Me 2. I thought it was really good- it definitely held my attention and had some good twists in it.  

After lunch, we headed up to the Edinburgh Outlet Mall for some shopping. I scheduled our 2-year wedding anniversary pictures, so we of course needed new outfits for our photo shoot. There are always tons of deals there and we always end up leaving with more than we plan to. It was fun to splurge some and treat ourselves…with our budgeting plan, we do that kind of thing so rarely. We shopped until we almost dropped (from hunger) and headed home for lunch. Last weekend I had put together a little gallery wall display from stuff we had around house or that I got from friends. Josh was the best husband and hung it all up for me after we got back from shopping! It turned out exactly how I wanted and it makes our living room look so much more homey.  

File_000 (5)

And you know once you finish one project, it’s really very easy to come up with more. Especially when Pinterest is involved. We’ve lived in our house for almost two years and have had lots of ideas for our living room, but never really had the right ideas form together to actually do something. With the new gallery wall display above the tv, the wall to the right just seemed too big and blank. Pinterest saved the day and we found the cutest idea for industrial shelving which would work perfectly in the space. Which resulted in “Hey, do you wanna put up some shelves?” and we found ourselves at Home Depot buying the supplies shortly after that. When you’ve got a project fresh in your mind, why wait to get it done? Plus we had a couple hours before Game of Thrones came on, so it helped keep us occupied until then. Now, the real fun begins as we try to find the perfect pieces to fill up the shelves!   

By the way…holy freaking Batman, Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Rocko was on the edge of his seat!

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