a weekend for games

What a weekend! I’ve got to tell you, I am exhausted. Can we get a weekend to recover from the weekend?

Josh and I got up extra extra early Saturday morning (4 am!) because Josh and our friend, Jake, were competing at the Grand Games. The competition was held up at Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield. It is a huge sports complex- over 400 acres with outdoor baseball/softball diamonds and a huge indoor facility for football/soccer/lacrosse. The competition was held at the indoor complex.

It was one of the biggest venues we’ve ever been to and definitely the biggest venue/competition that Josh has ever competed at. I even had to pay for a spectator’s ticket, it was that big! The competition was hosted by CrossFit Thrive and they always do a good job with running things (we’ve competed at their Thrive Throwdown competition a few times). All the events and heats started on time and they kept everything on track. The spectator area is usually just around the whole floor and you interact with all athletes, but at this competition the spectator area was bleachers on the second floor while the athlete area was in the middle of the field. Thankfully our friend Dan and his stepson were there watching his wife, Erin, compete or I would have been super lonely. 

File_002 (5)

We didn’t realize until we got to the competition that all the teams were seeded based on their Open finishes. Josh and Jake were seeded 24th out of 31 teams, with several teams having Regional level athletes and a few Games athletes. They decided their goal for the day was to finish higher than their seed.

The first workout involved synchronized thrusters, deadlifts, and pull-ups with walking lunges between the thrusters and deadlifts.  

Are you all proud? I packed all my food so that I could eat healthy and stay on track for the day! Simple and easy!

File_008 (3)

The second workout had the first partner do shuttle sprints (for a total of 500m) across the field, tag off with the second partner who took off on a mile run around perimeter of the field, then tag off again with the first partner who did another set of shuttle sprints. Jake ran the sprints and Josh ran the mile. Josh was hoping for a PR on his mile, but with running around five times in a circle on turf, that wasn’t really going to happen.

The third workout involved handstand push-ups (partner did a handstand hold), burpee box jump overs (partner held a weighted barbell overhead), squat cleans (partner held an air squat), and chest to bar pull-ups (partner held chin over the bar). This workout was a 5 minute AMRAP (they completed as many of the reps as possible in that time), then a 3 minute rest, then a 10 minute time cap to start back at the beginning and complete the entire workout.  

The top ten teams moved on to a semi-final and final workout. Jake and Josh ended up finishing in 18th place in the competition, which was awesome because it was higher than they were seeded! I think we were all ok that they didn’t make it into the top ten, as we were exhausted from being up so early.

Josh and I spent Saturday evening doing as little as possible. After being gone for over 12 hours and up so early, we didn’t feel like doing much. I meal prepped for the week as quickly as possible. It was super easy this week- I roasted the broccoli Thursday night and cooked chicken in the crockpot Friday night, so all I had to do was open some cans of green beans and portion everything out. This week will be quite boring for meals, but I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time to play around and make a bunch of different things, so I kept it simple enough that we could stay on track. We ate supper, showered, then lounged on the couch until (an early) bedtime. Josh found a movie on Netflix called “Naked”, so we decided to watch that. The movie was about a guy (Marlon Wayans) who is supposed to be getting married, but somehow ends up in a time loop where he keeps waking up naked in an elevator. There were some pretty funny parts and a few surprises- not anything spectacular, but it wasn’t terrible.  

And how can I forget that Saturday was National Dog Day! We love our little monster so much and can’t imagine life without all his shenanigans!

File_000 (8)

Sunday morning was wonderful. Josh and I woke up fairly early (without an alarm which makes waking up early ok) and enjoyed watching “Shameless” and sipping our coffee and tea together before I went to meet up with Des and Kalee at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We were in need of some major girl time and catching up on each others lives. Those two can make me laugh like no other! And we can spend hours talking about anything and everything- from cupcakes to dogs to HorrorCon and a lot more. It was exactly what I needed. After breakfast, I caught up on “Difficult People” (a wildly inappropriate and hilarious sitcom on Hulu) and painted my nails, while Josh read a book before we went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house to celebrate some birthdays. Mamaw fixed us up a very delicious meal (as usual) of grilled chicken, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and rolls with butter and apple butter. Josh and I had decided before going over that we were going to make it a cheat meal (we’ve only had one other actual full cheat meal on our cut) and just enjoy ourselves. And really, it’s impossible not to enjoy Mamaw’s home cooking. And of course, Kena made a scrumptious homemade cake for dessert. This time she made a funfetti cake with layers of different colors of icing and decorated with a gazillion sprinkles around the outside. Yes, really, a gazillion!   

Since last weekend with our DIY projects, Josh and I have kind of been on a roll with wanting to decorate and really make our house more homey. I’m a little embarrassed to say that we’ve been living in this house for over 2 years and just finished hanging stuff up in our master bedroom and living room. We’ve even had the decorations sitting around throughout the house. I knew I wanted a wooden sign and the letters we wrote to each other for our wedding above our bed, but didn’t know how to arrange them until yesterday. Josh is definitely winning “hubby of the year” now with all his handyman projects. I love it! Doesn’t it just complete the room?

I won’t say anything specific about Game of Thrones or spoil anything (seriously though, if you haven’t watched it by now, what are you doing with your life?), but O.M.GGGGG. what a finale!!!! There were so many moments of shock and mixed feelings, how am I ever going to be able to wait another year for the final season?!?! Rocko feels the same…

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