labor day weekend

You guys, as I’m writing this my heart is pretty near to bursting from pure joy! Saturday morning after the gym, Josh’s sister and brother-in-law asked if they could stop by…this is something that never just happens, so I knew there was bound to be some exciting news coming. And there is! I’m going to be an auntie!!! This is something I’ve been waiting for forever it seems like. I have the fondest memories of growing up and spending time with my aunts and uncles and I can’t wait to spoil my little niece or nephew like my aunts and uncles spoiled me. Baby Oreo (that’s what I’ve named the little cutie for the time being) is so very loved already.

Now that the big news is out, we can move on to the rest of the weekend. For over six months, Josh has had plans to build a coffee table, but we’ve never been able to find the time over the weekends. With it being Labor Day weekend with no plans (how the heck didn’t we have plans?!), we decided to jump in and go for it. We gathered the coffee table plans and headed to Home Depot. Home Depot has been so great for all our DIY projects recently. They had all the supplies we needed (pocket hole jig, screws, nails, wood glue, and wood boards) and even cut all the wood for us (and there were A LOT of cuts that needed to be made). We unloaded all the wood when we got home and Josh got right to work on the coffee table. There was only one small mistake made in the whole project- Josh had never used a pocket hole jig or drilled pocket holes and he accidentally drilled too deep. Thankfully we had extra wood and headed right over to my parents’ house to cut the extra piece. After that, the building went on without a hitch. I’m so very impressed with my hubby! His very first piece of furniture! (I’m already scheming, I mean thinking about more projects).  



Once Josh was finished with the coffee table, we had a super (unexpectedly) yummy meal of sauerkraut, onions, and green peppers with chicken apple sausages and roasted red potatoes. For some reason, that meal popped into Josh’s head and we ran with it. I’m so glad we did. Saturday was pretty close to what I think of as the perfect fall day weather and that meal hit the spot. After dinner, we snuggled up to watch “Snatched”. If you all haven’t seen it yet, go rent it now! I could not stop laughing the entire movie. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer (and all the supporting cast) were hilarious.If I ever get kidnapped, here’s hoping I’m with them.


For some really silly unknown reason, I found myself wiiiiiide awake at 4 am Sunday morning. I forced myself to lay in bed, perused through Facebook and Instagram for awhile, and finally got bored enough to get up around 6. I baked sweet potatoes, cleaned up around the kitchen, and caught up on some tv shows.


I was anxious to get to work on my part of the coffee table, so I got started right after breakfast. We borrowed my dad’s electric palm sander, so that I didn’t have to hand sand the whole thing. It was my first time using an electric sander and I did pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. We had leftover stain and Annie Sloan chalk paint from all my previous projects which I used on the coffee table. Look how great it turned out!


File_004 (2)

I fell asleep before 9 pm and slept for a solid 9.5 hours! It was glorious and much needed after waking up so early Sunday morning. Josh and I had our usual yummy breakfast of egg whites, pork loin, Brussels sprouts, peppers, and onions with our tea and coffee. Spending time together in the mornings, sipping our drinks, and just relaxing is one of my favorite things.

File_001 (3)

With the whole Labor Day ahead of us and no set-in-stone plans, we decided to go hiking at Clifty Falls for a few hours. We arrived fairly early thankfully and had the trails almost to ourselves for the majority of our time there. We hiked Trail 5 first which starts at Lilly Memorial and eventually leads through a tunnel (if you dare) to another parking lot. Of course we dared to go through the tunnel. I mean, we once went caving with our dear friends, the Hamblings, and I’m pretty certain I’m an expert. It is unimportant that the “cave” was actually a tunnel that ran about 400 feet from one side to the other.


I’m a goober…I’ve always wanted to do a pistol picture in nature 😛

File_000 (4)

Our next trail was Trail 7 which started at Clifty shelter and took us past Little Clifty Falls. I never get tired of spending time walking through nature, hearing the cicadas and birds sing, the rush of water over the rocks, the gentle breeze of the wind blowing through the tree leaves. We’re so very lucky that we’re able to be active and enjoy all the beautiful things God created. We enjoyed a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches, broccoli, and cauliflower before heading back home.



When we got home, Josh and I got our RP hypertrophy lifting in (wowzers, it was toasty outside…gotta love that Indiana weather where it went from 60 degrees to 85 degrees in just a day). It was our second to last deload day of this cycle. I’m very ready for this deload week to be over and get back to normal lifting (and eating!).

I couldn’t help myself from sharing more pics of the coffee table! And my cute little monster helping me blog!



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