summer’s last hurrah

I have been looking forward to this past weekend for awhile. Saturday was our 2nd annual boat trip (The Return of Boat Day) to Lake Monroe with a great group of friends from CF Ripcord. I guess I must have been so very excited about our boat day because I woke up around 5 am (blech)! I laid in bed for awhile until I finally decided to get up to finish making my fruit pizza. I sliced kiwi and diced strawberries, then arranged them on the iced sugar cookie to make it look like a watermelon. I even sprinkled some mini chocolate chips on top to look like seeds. It was adorable, if I do say so myself. And delicious- it was completely gone before we even left the dock!  

File_000 (2)

Josh and I ate breakfast and lounged on the couch watching “Chopped” until it was time to pack up all the goodies for boat day. We met up at Jake’s house to carpool along with him, Tyra, and Ryan over to Paynetown Beach. It was such a beautiful morning- sunny with just a few clouds, a nice breeze with a temperature of around 75°F. Everyone loaded up their stuff on the boat while we were waiting for a few stragglers to make it. When everyone finally made it, we set sail for the cove next door to the marina. We found a nice quiet spot, started up our music, and had ourselves the best of times.

We stuffed our faces with allll the food- taco dip, spinach dip, strawberry salsa, monster cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon butter cookies, tacos, chips, pretzels, banana bread, lemon poppy seed muffins, sushi, etc (I literally gained 5 lbs from everything I ate, lol ooooppppsss), quenched our thirst with ice cold beer and cocktails, and danced our booties off to the music. Tyra (bless her heart) even tried to give us a twerking clinic which ended up being a lot of jerky hip movements and lots of trying not to fall over from laughing so much.


There’s nothing like being out on the water with the wind blowing through your hair, a drink in your hand, dancing with some of the best people and laughing like you don’t have a care in the world. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.

When we got home, Josh made us up a batch of blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes (I know, I know, as if we hadn’t eaten enough on the boat). We didn’t have any buttermilk, so he substituted almond milk. I have to say, they were not what I was expecting, but they turned out quite delicious.

Guys, it might have been a bad idea for me to eat all that I did on Saturday. I had so much sugar and way more calories than I would normally eat in the span of a couple days that I was wide awake at 3 am Sunday morning. So was Josh. It was the worst. I don’t think I regret it though. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite that I ate and every drink that I drank on the boat. And it made me very thankful to have our normal meals prepped and ready to start eating again on Sunday. It’s all about that balance and next time I’ll try to remember to enjoy the food, but maybe in smaller portions hahaha.

I was bound and determined to be productive if I was going to be up so early, so I made up a pot of veggie chili and portioned out all our meat and veggies for the week. I didn’t really have anything else productive to do after that, so I decided to join Josh on the couch to watch “Good Bones” on HGTV. “Good Bones” is such a cute show! It’s about a mother and daughter in Indianapolis who buy really terrible houses, (usually) completely gut them, and remodel/renovate them into the cutest houses ever. It is so neat to see them take a house down to the studs and build it up again.

I thankfully was able to get a short nap in before breakfast or else I would have been extremely grumpy I think. Josh and I decided after breakfast that we didn’t want to sit around in the house all day, so we went to Home Depot to buy a couple boards to make a blanket ladder. We already had the pieces that would be used for the rungs, so we just had to buy the side pieces. The side pieces came in the size we needed, but we had to run over to my parents’ house to cut the rungs. It was nice to spend some time sitting out on the deck visiting with them in the sunshine while Rocko and Ariel ran around the yard. We got the rungs cut and went home so I could sand and stain the pieces. After I finished my part, we ate lunch and drove up to Columbus to do a little antique shopping. Our first stop was at Happy Nest. I have heard several people say how adorable this shop is and they were right! They had everything you could think of needing for decorating a house- furniture, serving trays, corbels, old books, plants, anything your heart could desire to attain the perfect farmhouse decor. We ended up finding a wood/metal serving tray, a potted fake fern, a cotton wreath, and a decorative white metal orb. Our next stop was another antique store called Picker’s Paradise. There was so much to walk around and see. Our special finds from there were a small white lantern and a pair of distressed white corbels. After all the shopping, we went to see “Logan Lucky” at AMC. Neither of us had heard anything about this movie, but Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB both gave it high ratings, so we thought why not give it a try. I’m really happy we went to see it even though it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was very well-written, witty, and kept me interested the whole time. After the movies, we stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a new food scale and then we had to stop at Target…really, a weekend trip to Columbus just doesn’t seem complete without a Target visit. They recently released new clothing lines and Josh wanted to check it out. He found a great hunter green fall jacket and I ended up with a pair of black Chelsea boots. With all our shopping done, I couldn’t wait to get home so that Josh could finish our blanket ladder and I could put up all our new decorations. I think we still need a few more pieces for our shelves, but the coffee table decorations and the blanket ladder turned out just great. I’m so happy with how our little house is becoming our home. Such a successful day!  

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