Josh and I spent a VERY much needed weekend away in Virginia with my best friend and her family this past weekend. It was exactly what we needed and the perfect change of pace. Normally, we’re running around like crazy trying to jam pack every little thing we can into our trip. This trip was much more relaxed and go with the flow, as you would expect with a toddler in the mix. One of the most adorable toddlers, I might add, with the best belly laugh, such a kind heart, and the perfect mix of girly with a little dirt around the edges. Spending time with their family this weekend made me all the more ready for my little nephew (yes, nephew! We found out this weekend!!) to arrive in December.

Some of my favorite memories from this weekend (in no particular order):

*Hitting a 200# back squat for a new 1RM (I’ve been working on this for over 2 years! Every time I visit my bestie, I PR a lift…she must have some awesome mojo)

*Playing at the park on the carousel and swings- it brought back some of my favorite childhood memories

*Lots of stories and laughter (and of course the peanut butter blast dessert) at Sedona Taphouse 


*Partnering with my bestie during the Saturday workout at Ardent CrossFit and sharing Duck Donuts afterwards

*Finding out Josh and I are going to be auntie and uncle to a nephew!



*Hiking around Government Island and learning the history behind the quarry there (the stone from the quarry was used to build the White House)

*Dancing at the neighborhood fall festival and hot dog buns on faces (if that isn’t pure joy, I don’t know what is!)


*Eating the famous Georgetown Cupcakes in Georgetown (which is such an adorable place)…peanut butter fudge for the win!

*Seeing the White House and experiencing all the memorials and monuments at the National Mall  for the first time

*Eating a giant ice cream cone and just enjoying time with each other on the lawn at the National Mall


I am so very thankful for best friends who are family and our time together and I can’t wait for another visit (hopefully very soon) in the future!

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