bring on 2018!

Am I the only one in shock that 2017 is over and it’s a few days into 2018 already?! I absolutely love the holiday season leading from Thanksgiving through Christmas to New Years. There’s just something about starting off fresh, full of wonder, and looking forward to all that can happen in a new year. With this new year, we’ve got a few possibilities and changes coming our way. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m going to be married to a college student! Lol, that’s right! After a lot of thought and time, Josh has decided to go back to school. Right now, we’re both chemists at a local pharmaceutical company here in town. It’s not a dream job for either of us, but it definitely pays the bills. Awhile ago, Josh received his certification in sports nutrition through ISSA. He was a coach part time at CF Ripcord for almost a year and even put together a nutrition class and challenge for the members there. All of that has lead him to pursue his passion in nutrition by getting his Masters in Dietetics. And so begin allllll the questions that go along with a career change. Probably mostly from me. I promise I’m not crazy. Thoughts such as “where will you go to school?”, “when will you start?”, “how much is it going to cost?”, “are there any prerequisites needed?”, “where am I going to work?!”. Yikes, the list goes on and on!


Josh has done A LOT of research into going back to school. He has spent hours looking at all the programs (Masters, undergraduate, etc) offered for dietetics. He took Medical Terminology during the summer 2017 session at IUPUC. In the fall, he took Fundamentals of Nutrition and this spring he’ll finish up his prereqs with Medical Dietetics online. Once he’s finished with the prereqs, the hope is to begin a program this fall. There is currently only one school in Indiana that offers the coordinated Masters program he is interested in…Indiana State. Definitely not our number one pick, but if that’s where he gets accepted, then that is where we shall go. Ohio State University is currently our number one (very hopeful) pick. Should a Masters program not work out, there are a few backup options which would still lead Josh to a career in nutrition. No matter what, though, going back to school means a big move for us, physically, financially, and mentally. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I’ve never lived outside of Seymour except for the two years I was at IU-Bloomington for college. And that was only for 9 months each time and only a short 50 minute drive home. At the same time, this opportunity has me really excited. Although I’ve never lived outside of Seymour, most weekends we spend our time driving to Indy or Louisville for food and random fun activities. Living in Columbus, Ohio (or any of the other places) would offer so many more opportunities for amazing places to eat, sightsee, and activities to fill our weekends. Plus, the places we are looking at so far are within an easy driving distance to both our families.  


Am I allowed to admit that I’m slightly jealous that my hubby has found something that he is so passionate about that he’s willing to quit his job, pack up and move to a different state, and start fresh? I feel slightly embarrassed even thinking it. It’s not that I’m not happy for him. I so am! It is so inspiring to me that he is so driven and passionate about pursuing his passion. It’s just that now I want to find something that I love so much that I’m willing to do all those things too! How do you even begin to find that? Can you find it or do you just happen upon it randomly? Maybe, hopefully, one day I’ll learn the answer to these questions. And in the meantime, I’m looking forward to being the most supportive wife I can be and helping him achieve everything he’s dreamed of!


One thought on “bring on 2018!

  1. I love you guys! I smiled the whole way through this post…. even tho there’s that selfish side of me that doesn’t want to see you leave 😊


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