t h i r t y

Holy moley, I turned 30 this week!!! I really didn’t know how I would feel about it because it has always seemed like a pretty big milestone to me. I thought for sure I would have a total breakdown and panic that my life was “over” (I know, so dramatic), but I actually just felt so very content instead. Who knew that would ever happen??

I think as I’m getting older I’m finally starting to really learn how to be happy with myself and love who I am. I have always been someone who wants to please everyone else and avoid confrontation at all costs. Ask me what I want to do and I’ll immediately respond with “Whatever you would like to do is good with me” or something similar. I’ve slowly been changing that though because why wouldn’t my opinion be just as valid as someone else’s? Why should I so easily be able to cheer on and support and be incredibly happy for everyone else’s successes while nitpicking my own accomplishments? I really want to try to be better at that. Instead of second guessing myself or berating myself for things I could have done better, I want to be happy that I even tried. To be happy that I didn’t give up. And I want to keep trying new things, new foods, new places to travel. I want to become even more healthy and happy and content in my own skin. I’m super excited to see what turning 30 brings!

To celebrate my birthday, Josh and I finally took a trip to Indy for breakfast at Milktooth! I have been wanting to try this restaurant out for almost 3 years! The restaurant is a converted garage and such a cute place- very eclectic and kind of a retro diner vibe. The chairs were all mismatched and the bookshelves were lined with fun tchotchkes, just like being back at Grandma’s house when we were kids.  


We arrived a little before 9 am and were told that it was counter service coffee and pastries only until 9, but that we could grab something to drink and get a table until food service started. I’m super glad we got there early because every table was completely packed and there was a line of people waiting by 9:15. Josh ordered the bottomless drip- the drip of the day was a nougat, molasses, and milk chocolate coffee from Tinker Coffee Co. I had the Song Red tea in a tea press. I had never had red tea before, but I really enjoyed it!

There were so many delicious sounding options, it was very hard to choose. They have a rotating menu, so I know we will most definitely be going back to try even more. We decided on a biscuit to share. And not just any biscuit. A maple roasted sweet potato biscuit with cranberry butter and pomegranate port honey. It was scrumptious. The biscuit had a nice crunch on the outside, but was fluffy inside. The cranberry butter was sweet and worked really well with the crunch of the pomegranate seeds on top.


Josh had the cranberry walnut & geneva & raclette grilled cheese drizzled with black truffle honey and topped with a local sunny duck egg. The cranberry walnut bread was toasted and filled with so much ooey gooey cheese. I wasn’t expecting the honey to complement it so well, but it was such a great touch to all the creaminess of the cheese and the duck egg. Don’t even get me started on the runny egg yolk. I was a little jealous that Josh got to eat all but the few bites he shared with me.


I ordered the pearl sugar and sourdough lemon poppy-seed waffle with persimmon butter, candied pecans, and maple syrup. The waffle had a great crunch and a touch of sweetness to it from the pearl sugar. It was just savory enough to blend well with the richness of the butter, syrup, and pecans. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.


Milktooth was exactly what I had hoped for and while the menu may seem crazy and weird, everything we tasted was so delicious and well worth a visit!  


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