Ethnic Expo

One of my favorite events held in Columbus (Indiana) is the Ethnic Expo. Every year for a weekend in October (as if October could get any better), the Expo features booths from countries all over the world, each serving multiple types of traditional foods and drinks from their countries. There is a different “host” country every year which makes it super fun. This year’s host country was Germany. There are musical performances throughout the weekend, as well as a parade Saturday morning. We’ve never made it to any of the performances or the parade, but the food booths have kept us more than occupied.

After the gym on Friday evening, Jake, Josh, and I made our way downtown to the Expo. We made sure to walk around to every booth (and stopped to chat with several friends along the way) to make sure we picked the best foods to try. One of the great things about being married to Josh is that he’s willing to get a bunch of “little bites” at a lot of different places to share, so we get to try a lot of different things, but don’t feel sick from eating too much.


Our first stop was at Babushka’s Polish Foods where we sampled three pierogies. One pierogi was filled with meat, one with potato and cheese, and one with sauerkraut and mushrooms, all topped with onion, sauteed bacon, and sour cream.

Review: This booth gets a thumbs up from me! The potato and cheese filling was my favorite- the filling was creamy and gooey, the perfect balance of cheese to potato. The sauerkraut and mushroom was my next favorite- I loved the bite from the kraut with the earthy flavor of the mushrooms.


Our second stop was to Uncle Zorba’s Gyros. Here, Josh and I split an original gyro- flatbread pita filled with lamb, tomato, onion, and lettuce topped with tzatziki sauce.

Review: This was my favorite food of the night! I have a serious love for any kind of warm pita/ flatbread…plus add in some tender lamb meat, tangy tzatziki sauce, and the crunch of the different veggies and it’s game over for me! We probably looked like animals, taking giant bites out of the gyro, food falling all over the ground lol


The next stop on our food tour was La Petit Caraibes for a samosa. Pakistan was going to be our stop for samosas, but they were sold out before we could make it there, so Le Petit Caraibes it was. Samosas are crispy deep fried snacks usually with a savory filling. The samosa here had a creamy, spicy potato filling.

Review: While the filling was very tasty, overall the samosa was cold and not as enjoyable as if it had been served hot out of the fryer. I would be willing to try another samosa from there, if it was hot out of the fryer.


Our next stop was at the Phillipines booth. We opted for an order of the pancit noodles (stir fried rice noodles with chicken and veggies) and the longganisa (Filipino sweet sausage).

Review: These dishes were delicious. The rice noodles were so yummy, I couldn’t stop shoving them in my mouth. I loved the texture- they were slightly crunchy from being stir fried. The longganisa was really good too- there was a nice crunch from the casing which contrasted nicely with the meat inside. And it was the perfect portion for snacking. I wasn’t able to get a pic of the sausage before Jake ate it all 😛


Next up was the Vietnam booth for a giant steamed bun filled with some type of ground meat and crispy noodles.

Review: This was Josh’s favorite food of the night. It was definitely one of my top foods too. The texture of the bun was so fluffy and different than any other buns we see here in the US. The crunchy/meat filling worked really well with the soft texture of the bun. Delish! (Excuse the quality of the picture, it was dark and the street lights did not provide great lighting)


Pholourie from the Trinidad and Tobago booth was next up on our food list. One of the reasons we stopped here was the pholourie came in an order of 10 dough balls and was only a couple dollars- who doesn’t love a lot of bang for your buck? Pholourie is a common snack food in Trinidad and Tobago of fried dough balls. This booth served theirs with (what I think was) tamarind sauce.

Review: Not what I expected. I didn’t know before trying this what exactly it was. I expected sweet dough balls with sugar, maybe something similar to what you would find at a Chinese buffet…I don’t know why lol but I did. The dough wasn’t sweet at all, but it was yummy. We dipped the dough balls into the tamarind sauce, which was tangy and kind of vinegary. This dish wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure about trying it again.


The last stop of the night was at the Kenya booth for their Chapati flatbread. A friend had stopped at this booth for lunch earlier and suggested we try it out. Like I said before, I’m a sucker for flatbread, so I had to try it. The flatbread was served warm with your choice of a mild or spicy mango salsa.

Review: This dish was delightful. The flatbread was so warm, it tore apart really easily to dip into the mango salsa, which had just enough spice to amp up the neutral flavor of the flatbread. I would gladly order this again.


Overall, our experience at the Ethnic Expo was great! I can’t wait to go back next year to try lots of new foods and eat even more of our familiar favorites!

*October Loving*

If I could plan an almost perfect fall weekend, this past weekend would have been pretty darn close. We had a wedding, a baby shower, an at home date night, brunch, and family time! Lots of fun, family, friends, and yummy food!

Josh and I had Friday off of work due to a mandatory shutdown of our facility. Even though I was kind of frustrated we had to take our own PTO when it was mandatory, it worked out really well to have the day off. We slept in (I slept until 8 am…contact Guinness World Records, that is so late for me!), lounged around, and caught up on some of our tv shows. I was able to get all our meal prep done for the upcoming week as well. I love getting that off my list of things to do, it makes me feel so prepared for the week. I spent some time doing “girly” stuff like painting my nails, sipping on my pumpkin spice brulee tea, and watching Will & Grace. It was a wonderful relaxing, pampering afternoon before heading up to our friend Almitra’s wedding.  

We had to stop at Starbuck’s on the way up and it just isn’t a trip to Starbuck’s without a cake pop!


Almitra and Tim got married at the Avon Wedding Barn, which was so very adorable! The wedding ceremony was held outside under a huge tree with leaves just starting to change colors for the fall. The ceremony was officiated by one of their close friends and was really sweet. I just love love. And weddings.

After the ceremony, we headed inside the barn for appetizers and drinks- veggies with ranch dressing and cheese spread and crackers (I ate so much cheese spread, I forgot how much I love it). We had some great friends to sit and catch up with while we waited for the wedding party to come in, which made it even better.   

For dinner, City Barbeque was the caterer. I stuffed myself with all the delicious food- corn pudding, green beans, pulled pork, brisket, and cornbread loaves. Several of our friends had told us to try City Barbeque out and I’m happy we finally got to. For dessert, we had mini cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes. Naturally, Josh and I tried one of every flavor to see which we liked best. We had chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, wedding white, and chocolate to choose from. They were all really good (my faves were the cookie dough and wedding white) and the perfect size to feel like you indulged but didn’t overdo it.  

Saturday started with our usual lifting session at the gym followed by mobility and a great workout during class. The workout involved stations of rowing, toes to bar, shoulder to overhead, and rest. My favorite part was the rest haha just kidding (maybe)! When we got home, we ate lunch then it was time for me to get ready for my friend Brittany’s baby shower. I hadn’t seen Brittany for several months, so it was really nice to see her and spoil her and her baby boy! We had lots of yummy treats (pizza dip, queso, veggies, chocolate dipped pretzels, cake pops, and cake) and even played a few baby shower games. I know most people think shower games are extra cheesy, but I always enjoy playing them. I even won the word scramble game and got a prize- hand soap and the cutest pumpkin pot holder, oven mitt, and decorative towel!  

When I got home from the shower, Josh had dinner all ready for us. We had a yummy meal of chicken sausages, sauerkraut with apples, zucchini, onions, and green peppers. I snagged a few cake pops and pretzels from the baby shower, so we had some dessert too. We decided that wasn’t enough for dessert and we should probably make some snickerdoodles to make ice cream cookie sandwiches with. Josh found a great recipe for snickerdoodles and set about making them. The recipe was especially great because it only made 4 cookies…which saved us from feeling like we had to eat the whole several dozen a normal batch would make! We scooped Jeni’s Splendid Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream in between the warm out-of-the-oven cookies and it was amazing! We will definitely be making these again soon!


Sunday morning was another slow going morning. We had breakfast, drank our hot tea, and watched tv. As we were finally getting ready for the day, Josh suggested we try out Toast on Market in New Albany for brunch. I’m always game for trying new places and this one had been on our list for a long time. We arrived around 11:30 which was quite possibly the busiest time ever. We put our name in and began our thirty-five minute wait for a table. When we finally were seated, I was really excited to order. I got one of the specials of the day- apple pie French toast with cheesy hash brown casserole. Josh ordered the drowned eggs. We also ordered a lemon soufflé pancake and a pumpkin spice pancake a la carte. I thought the apple pie filled French toast was the best of our dishes. Overall, the food was pretty good, but I was expecting more (I think we’ve been spoiled with places like Tupelo Honey, etc. on vacations). I would probably eat there again, but I’m definitely willing to try other places before going back.  


We headed home to pick up Rocko and go to my parents’ house for the afternoon. All of my siblings and their significant others were there to celebrate my brothers’ and my brother-in-law’s birthdays. My mom fixed lots and lots of food for us to snack on. We had green pepper jelly on cream cheese with Ritz crackers, sausage/cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers, and pumpkin fluff with graham crackers. We all got our fill of snacks and headed out to the garage to decorate pumpkins. Normally, we would carve pumpkins, but this year we all decided to try something new and paint them. I think they turned out pretty darn great! And they’ll last much longer than if we had carved them, hooray!

After we finished up with our pumpkins, it was dinner time! I wasn’t even hungry, but when it’s a home cooked meal from my momma that doesn’t matter lol. We had chicken and tilapia with onions and bell peppers (think fajita insides), deviled eggs, rice, beans, and my grandma’s homemade German potato salad (*drool*). And don’t forget dessert- funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing, homemade sweet cream ice cream, and peanut butter rice krispies with chocolate ganache on top!  

There’s nothing like a weekend of celebrating love, babies, family, and food to rejuvenate your soul!




Josh and I spent a VERY much needed weekend away in Virginia with my best friend and her family this past weekend. It was exactly what we needed and the perfect change of pace. Normally, we’re running around like crazy trying to jam pack every little thing we can into our trip. This trip was much more relaxed and go with the flow, as you would expect with a toddler in the mix. One of the most adorable toddlers, I might add, with the best belly laugh, such a kind heart, and the perfect mix of girly with a little dirt around the edges. Spending time with their family this weekend made me all the more ready for my little nephew (yes, nephew! We found out this weekend!!) to arrive in December.

Some of my favorite memories from this weekend (in no particular order):

*Hitting a 200# back squat for a new 1RM (I’ve been working on this for over 2 years! Every time I visit my bestie, I PR a lift…she must have some awesome mojo)

*Playing at the park on the carousel and swings- it brought back some of my favorite childhood memories

*Lots of stories and laughter (and of course the peanut butter blast dessert) at Sedona Taphouse 


*Partnering with my bestie during the Saturday workout at Ardent CrossFit and sharing Duck Donuts afterwards

*Finding out Josh and I are going to be auntie and uncle to a nephew!



*Hiking around Government Island and learning the history behind the quarry there (the stone from the quarry was used to build the White House)

*Dancing at the neighborhood fall festival and hot dog buns on faces (if that isn’t pure joy, I don’t know what is!)


*Eating the famous Georgetown Cupcakes in Georgetown (which is such an adorable place)…peanut butter fudge for the win!

*Seeing the White House and experiencing all the memorials and monuments at the National Mall  for the first time

*Eating a giant ice cream cone and just enjoying time with each other on the lawn at the National Mall


I am so very thankful for best friends who are family and our time together and I can’t wait for another visit (hopefully very soon) in the future!

down to eat.

This weekend was the end of our 3rd cut with RP (and the end of our first ever CF Ripcord Nutrition Challenge! Woohoo!). I can’t believe we’ve been following RP for almost a year and a half now! They just make it so simple with their templates telling me exactly how much food to eat for every meal and how to make adjustments depending on my training for the day. Following RP has improved my relationship with food so much. Growing up, I was always under the impression that carbs are bad for you, so I would try to avoid them if possible. Which was miserable because carbs are the most delicious. I also had a bad habit of really shorting myself on food, not so much starving myself, but really keeping my calories at a lower level than they needed to be. I was never overweight, but I was also never what I would consider in shape or fit. Thank God RP came into my life and taught me that I can eat carbs, carbs, and more carbs (and protein and fat too, of course) and be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I now know how to fuel my body properly so that I can do my best in a workout, recover properly, and sleep better. And if I decide to treat myself to a guilty pleasure (Reese’s cups, Cake Bake Shop, Thai food, stop me before I ramble off an excessively long list of my fave foods), I no longer feel the guilt. I thoroughly enjoy whatever treat I’ve eaten and move forward, picking back up on the healthier choices for my next meal. With that being said, I ate ALL the food this weekend in celebration of being finished with our cut. We had the greatest “treat yo-self” weekend. Oh, Parks and Recreation, I sure do miss you…I know I can’t be the only one. Anyways, we had the greatest “treat yo-self” weekend and I don’t regret it for a second!

Josh made his best homemade deep dish pizza yet- flaky, buttery dough; the perfect amount of crunchy green peppers, onions, and mushrooms; my yummy homemade pizza sauce; tons of ooey gooey mozzarella cheese…and he made an extra batch of dough for homemade breadsticks sprinkled with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. This man is after my heart, y’all!

I might have fallen asleep on the couch after eating that amazeballs pizza while Josh whipped up a homemade chocolate chip skillet cookie for two for dessert. We paired the cookie with the always scrumptious Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (Middle West Whiskey and Pecans flavor this time- whiskey flavored ice cream with hints of butterscotch and honey, loaded with salty toasted pecans). For those of you that don’t already know, you can have pints of Jeni’s ice cream shipped right to your house! Do it! There is nothing quite like a warm-from-the-oven gooey melty chocolate chip cookie with that cold bite of silky smooth ice cream on top…it just makes my heart so happy.

File_000 (13)

We capped off our date night feast by watching “The Big Sick”. I really enjoyed this movie- there was plenty of humor, it kept my interest piqued the whole time, and I got sucked into the real-life romance of Kumail Nanjiani and his girlfriend, Emily. Definitely recommend seeing this one when you’re in the mood for a romcom or really any time at all.

As luck would have it, we had leftovers from Saturday night, so we sat ourselves down for a Sunday “brunch” of deep dish pizza and breadsticks. If possible, the pizza was even better because it had time for all the flavors to meld overnight. *drool*                               

In keeping with the “treat yo-self” theme, we got the idea to make a trip up to the Cake Bake Shop for lunch. And by lunch, I really just mean dessert. We never make a trip there for anything other than dessert. We stopped at Starbucks on the way because Josh won a $5 gift card for filling out a survey and I got the cutest little hedgehog cake pop!

File_000 (10)

We perused the menu and decided on the apple crumble cake for me, the peanut butter banana cream pie for Josh, and a peanut butter honey and jam sandwich cookie for us to share. Everything was beyond delicious. The apple crumble cake had layers of spice cake filled with caramel buttercream and caramel all topped with apple pie crumble. A dream cake for fall. The pie consisted of a peanut butter crust topped with sliced bananas, banana cream, fresh whipped cream, chopped peanuts, and a caramel drizzle. My favorite, however, was the peanut butter honey and jam sandwich cookie- there was the most delectable blackberry jam with honey and peanut butter buttercream sandwiched between two peanut butter cookies. I could have eaten spoonfuls of the blackberry jam all by itself. I’ll most definitely be making a trip back up for the blackberry cake smothered in that scrumptious blackberry jam.  

We’re adorbs…I’m biased. Whatever 😉

After all the dessert, we needed to get moving or I was going to fall asleep. Where better to walk around than the mall? We spent a few hours browsing through the stores, just spending time together with no pressure to be anywhere or do anything. It was lovely. When we left the mall, we found ourselves in a debate about whether to just go home or go eat somewhere. Eating somewhere won. The next question was, should we get Thai food or Cheesecake Factory nachos? Now, I love me some Thai food. And I’ve never had the nachos from Cheesecake Factory, but Josh has talked them up good since he ate them once Black Friday shopping several years ago. We pulled into the parking lot and flipped a coin to decide where to eat. Tails (Cheesecake Factory) it was. The nachos did not disappoint. The chips were extra crispy crunchy, covered in queso and shredded cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapenos, and spicy shredded chicken. I can see why Josh has had these on his mind for so long. We headed home after our day of eating to lounge on the couch and relax. This weekend was what I needed to reset after cutting for three months, just enjoying time with my husband, eating lots of yummy treats, and gearing myself up to maintain through and enjoy the holidays. Life is too short to be stressed about what to eat and worrying all the fun away. So, take a meal, a day, even a weekend if you’re so inclined, and treat yourself!

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cause you had a bad day

Let’s talk about bad days. I had a tremendously terrible night at the gym on Friday and I feel like I need to take a minute to talk it out. One of my goals for the gym this year has been to get a ring muscle-up. I’ve been working on drills and doing progressions for several months now. For the last few weeks on Fridays, I’ve been giving myself pep talks all day and making myself attempt ring muscle-ups. Without fail, I try over and over again and make the same “mistake” over and over again. I get really close, but never get one. I know exactly what my body needs to do, but when I attempt it, something gets lost in translation. Josh recently read “Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World’s Fittest Athletes” by Ben Bergeron and discussed it with me. One part that really stuck out to me was how important your mindset is. You might not be able to change the outcome, but you can change how you deal with the outcome and how you handle different situations. I’ve really been working on keeping a more positive attitude, even during my failures or “bad” days. So I woke up at 3 am on Sunday? That just means several more hours to get stuff done around the house and spend time doing fun things with my hubby. So I dropped the broccoli all over the floor? Well, I cleaned the floor this afternoon and eating a little bit of dust builds character, right? So I missed another muscle up attempt? I just got the closest I ever got! On Friday, though, something just broke in me. I got so very frustrated, making attempt after attempt and failing over and over again. I kept a smile on my face the whole time and joked around with everyone around me. But when I made one last attempt before class (and missed yet again), I snapped. I am a little embarrassed to admit I threw a little tantrum, picked up the gymnastics mat, and threw it. I held back the tears and made it through the warm up. I knew I wouldn’t make it through the workout, so I went into the bathroom to have a little cry, thinking that would help. I gave myself a couple minutes, wiped my eyes, took a deep breath, and headed out to get the workout done. The workout was an EMOM of farmers carries, bar muscle ups, box jumps, and rowing. I’ve been able to do bar muscle ups in workouts for the last few months (one at a time and scaling the number of reps down), but I couldn’t even get one in that workout. I know it’s because I exhausted myself and my grip during my ring muscle up attempts- my body just hasn’t adjusted to that much grip work yet. Cue my breakdown. I stepped up to the kettlebells for my farmer’s carries with tears streaming down my face. My coach, Jeff, saw me and stopped me. He calmed me down, reassuring me that it was just a bad day, that I was more than capable of getting through the workout and doing my best. I wiped my tears away, took a few deep breathes, and carried on. There were a few other times in the workout that I couldn’t hold back the tears, but I made it through. Afterwards, Jeff stopped me to talk again. He asked what was going through my head during the workout. The tears streamed down my face again as I explained how I was so frustrated about my muscle ups. How I know what I need to do, but can’t get my body to do it. Jeff asked me if I was giving it 100% in my skillwork, my lifting, my workouts and if I was then there was nothing to be upset about. He reminded me that it’s ok to step away from working on one specific thing, to move on to building my other skills and in doing so I will still improve across the board. Everyone has bad days. Some maybe more than others. But at the end of it, we’re all doing our best and that’s all you can ask for. I learned on Friday that I don’t always have to have a good day. I’m allowed to have a bad day. To just let it all hit me. To cry and cry some more. To allow myself a pity party for a short time, but also to not let that bad day and all that frustration consume me. So I “set a timer on it” (thanks to Rory Zambard and Girls Gone WOD Podcast for that gem), gave myself Friday night to be upset, then woke up Saturday morning with a fresh outlook. So, please please please, if you’re having a bad day, don’t feel like you have to always plaster a smile on your face and fake it. Give yourself that good cry and let your frustrations out. But, set a timer on it and get back to being your wonderful self again!   


summer’s last hurrah

I have been looking forward to this past weekend for awhile. Saturday was our 2nd annual boat trip (The Return of Boat Day) to Lake Monroe with a great group of friends from CF Ripcord. I guess I must have been so very excited about our boat day because I woke up around 5 am (blech)! I laid in bed for awhile until I finally decided to get up to finish making my fruit pizza. I sliced kiwi and diced strawberries, then arranged them on the iced sugar cookie to make it look like a watermelon. I even sprinkled some mini chocolate chips on top to look like seeds. It was adorable, if I do say so myself. And delicious- it was completely gone before we even left the dock!  

File_000 (2)

Josh and I ate breakfast and lounged on the couch watching “Chopped” until it was time to pack up all the goodies for boat day. We met up at Jake’s house to carpool along with him, Tyra, and Ryan over to Paynetown Beach. It was such a beautiful morning- sunny with just a few clouds, a nice breeze with a temperature of around 75°F. Everyone loaded up their stuff on the boat while we were waiting for a few stragglers to make it. When everyone finally made it, we set sail for the cove next door to the marina. We found a nice quiet spot, started up our music, and had ourselves the best of times.

We stuffed our faces with allll the food- taco dip, spinach dip, strawberry salsa, monster cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon butter cookies, tacos, chips, pretzels, banana bread, lemon poppy seed muffins, sushi, etc (I literally gained 5 lbs from everything I ate, lol ooooppppsss), quenched our thirst with ice cold beer and cocktails, and danced our booties off to the music. Tyra (bless her heart) even tried to give us a twerking clinic which ended up being a lot of jerky hip movements and lots of trying not to fall over from laughing so much.


There’s nothing like being out on the water with the wind blowing through your hair, a drink in your hand, dancing with some of the best people and laughing like you don’t have a care in the world. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.

When we got home, Josh made us up a batch of blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes (I know, I know, as if we hadn’t eaten enough on the boat). We didn’t have any buttermilk, so he substituted almond milk. I have to say, they were not what I was expecting, but they turned out quite delicious.

Guys, it might have been a bad idea for me to eat all that I did on Saturday. I had so much sugar and way more calories than I would normally eat in the span of a couple days that I was wide awake at 3 am Sunday morning. So was Josh. It was the worst. I don’t think I regret it though. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite that I ate and every drink that I drank on the boat. And it made me very thankful to have our normal meals prepped and ready to start eating again on Sunday. It’s all about that balance and next time I’ll try to remember to enjoy the food, but maybe in smaller portions hahaha.

I was bound and determined to be productive if I was going to be up so early, so I made up a pot of veggie chili and portioned out all our meat and veggies for the week. I didn’t really have anything else productive to do after that, so I decided to join Josh on the couch to watch “Good Bones” on HGTV. “Good Bones” is such a cute show! It’s about a mother and daughter in Indianapolis who buy really terrible houses, (usually) completely gut them, and remodel/renovate them into the cutest houses ever. It is so neat to see them take a house down to the studs and build it up again.

I thankfully was able to get a short nap in before breakfast or else I would have been extremely grumpy I think. Josh and I decided after breakfast that we didn’t want to sit around in the house all day, so we went to Home Depot to buy a couple boards to make a blanket ladder. We already had the pieces that would be used for the rungs, so we just had to buy the side pieces. The side pieces came in the size we needed, but we had to run over to my parents’ house to cut the rungs. It was nice to spend some time sitting out on the deck visiting with them in the sunshine while Rocko and Ariel ran around the yard. We got the rungs cut and went home so I could sand and stain the pieces. After I finished my part, we ate lunch and drove up to Columbus to do a little antique shopping. Our first stop was at Happy Nest. I have heard several people say how adorable this shop is and they were right! They had everything you could think of needing for decorating a house- furniture, serving trays, corbels, old books, plants, anything your heart could desire to attain the perfect farmhouse decor. We ended up finding a wood/metal serving tray, a potted fake fern, a cotton wreath, and a decorative white metal orb. Our next stop was another antique store called Picker’s Paradise. There was so much to walk around and see. Our special finds from there were a small white lantern and a pair of distressed white corbels. After all the shopping, we went to see “Logan Lucky” at AMC. Neither of us had heard anything about this movie, but Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB both gave it high ratings, so we thought why not give it a try. I’m really happy we went to see it even though it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was very well-written, witty, and kept me interested the whole time. After the movies, we stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a new food scale and then we had to stop at Target…really, a weekend trip to Columbus just doesn’t seem complete without a Target visit. They recently released new clothing lines and Josh wanted to check it out. He found a great hunter green fall jacket and I ended up with a pair of black Chelsea boots. With all our shopping done, I couldn’t wait to get home so that Josh could finish our blanket ladder and I could put up all our new decorations. I think we still need a few more pieces for our shelves, but the coffee table decorations and the blanket ladder turned out just great. I’m so happy with how our little house is becoming our home. Such a successful day!  

File_004 (1)

labor day weekend

You guys, as I’m writing this my heart is pretty near to bursting from pure joy! Saturday morning after the gym, Josh’s sister and brother-in-law asked if they could stop by…this is something that never just happens, so I knew there was bound to be some exciting news coming. And there is! I’m going to be an auntie!!! This is something I’ve been waiting for forever it seems like. I have the fondest memories of growing up and spending time with my aunts and uncles and I can’t wait to spoil my little niece or nephew like my aunts and uncles spoiled me. Baby Oreo (that’s what I’ve named the little cutie for the time being) is so very loved already.

Now that the big news is out, we can move on to the rest of the weekend. For over six months, Josh has had plans to build a coffee table, but we’ve never been able to find the time over the weekends. With it being Labor Day weekend with no plans (how the heck didn’t we have plans?!), we decided to jump in and go for it. We gathered the coffee table plans and headed to Home Depot. Home Depot has been so great for all our DIY projects recently. They had all the supplies we needed (pocket hole jig, screws, nails, wood glue, and wood boards) and even cut all the wood for us (and there were A LOT of cuts that needed to be made). We unloaded all the wood when we got home and Josh got right to work on the coffee table. There was only one small mistake made in the whole project- Josh had never used a pocket hole jig or drilled pocket holes and he accidentally drilled too deep. Thankfully we had extra wood and headed right over to my parents’ house to cut the extra piece. After that, the building went on without a hitch. I’m so very impressed with my hubby! His very first piece of furniture! (I’m already scheming, I mean thinking about more projects).  



Once Josh was finished with the coffee table, we had a super (unexpectedly) yummy meal of sauerkraut, onions, and green peppers with chicken apple sausages and roasted red potatoes. For some reason, that meal popped into Josh’s head and we ran with it. I’m so glad we did. Saturday was pretty close to what I think of as the perfect fall day weather and that meal hit the spot. After dinner, we snuggled up to watch “Snatched”. If you all haven’t seen it yet, go rent it now! I could not stop laughing the entire movie. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer (and all the supporting cast) were hilarious.If I ever get kidnapped, here’s hoping I’m with them.


For some really silly unknown reason, I found myself wiiiiiide awake at 4 am Sunday morning. I forced myself to lay in bed, perused through Facebook and Instagram for awhile, and finally got bored enough to get up around 6. I baked sweet potatoes, cleaned up around the kitchen, and caught up on some tv shows.


I was anxious to get to work on my part of the coffee table, so I got started right after breakfast. We borrowed my dad’s electric palm sander, so that I didn’t have to hand sand the whole thing. It was my first time using an electric sander and I did pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. We had leftover stain and Annie Sloan chalk paint from all my previous projects which I used on the coffee table. Look how great it turned out!


File_004 (2)

I fell asleep before 9 pm and slept for a solid 9.5 hours! It was glorious and much needed after waking up so early Sunday morning. Josh and I had our usual yummy breakfast of egg whites, pork loin, Brussels sprouts, peppers, and onions with our tea and coffee. Spending time together in the mornings, sipping our drinks, and just relaxing is one of my favorite things.

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With the whole Labor Day ahead of us and no set-in-stone plans, we decided to go hiking at Clifty Falls for a few hours. We arrived fairly early thankfully and had the trails almost to ourselves for the majority of our time there. We hiked Trail 5 first which starts at Lilly Memorial and eventually leads through a tunnel (if you dare) to another parking lot. Of course we dared to go through the tunnel. I mean, we once went caving with our dear friends, the Hamblings, and I’m pretty certain I’m an expert. It is unimportant that the “cave” was actually a tunnel that ran about 400 feet from one side to the other.


I’m a goober…I’ve always wanted to do a pistol picture in nature 😛

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Our next trail was Trail 7 which started at Clifty shelter and took us past Little Clifty Falls. I never get tired of spending time walking through nature, hearing the cicadas and birds sing, the rush of water over the rocks, the gentle breeze of the wind blowing through the tree leaves. We’re so very lucky that we’re able to be active and enjoy all the beautiful things God created. We enjoyed a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches, broccoli, and cauliflower before heading back home.



When we got home, Josh and I got our RP hypertrophy lifting in (wowzers, it was toasty outside…gotta love that Indiana weather where it went from 60 degrees to 85 degrees in just a day). It was our second to last deload day of this cycle. I’m very ready for this deload week to be over and get back to normal lifting (and eating!).

I couldn’t help myself from sharing more pics of the coffee table! And my cute little monster helping me blog!