you are what you eat

Happy Tuesday, you guys! I am so excited! We are wrapping up our second Nutrition Challenge at CF Ripcord and from what I can tell it has been a success. I am in no way an expert on nutrition or health, but I’ve experimented with quite a few diets/ways of eating and learned what works for me. We didn’t want to push any specific diet or lifestyle, so the whole focus for the challenge was to help build habits towards a healthier lifestyle, habits that are sustainable and not just a crash diet where you starve yourself and then binge like crazy when it’s done.

After experimenting with eating habits for the last few years, I’ve noticed quite a few benefits from making healthier choices in my diet and lifestyle.

*I have fewer breakouts than I used to and my skin tends to be clearer now that I stay more hydrated.

*My hair and nails seem to grow faster and are stronger and less brittle than before.

*I have a lot more energy throughout the day. I still sometimes get the “after-lunch sleepies”, but I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

*Before changing my diet, I would have trouble falling asleep and sometimes wake up throughout the night for an hour or two here and there. Now, I fall asleep faster and usually stay asleep through the whole night.

*I have noticed an increase in my performance at the gym, both with being able to lift heavier weights/do more reps and being able to do bodyweight movements more easily.

*I feel like my mind is clearer and I can focus more easily when I’m not eating junk food all the time.

*I used to feel congested or stuffed up a lot and didn’t even realize how “bad” I felt until I started eating way more veggies and lean protein. I can totally tell when I indulge too much because I always wake up the next morning feeling congested.

*I have made new friends with people who share my interests in eating well and wanting to be active. I’ve also tried new things out of my comfort zone and gone on new adventures because of this- hiking, boating, spelunking, all kinds of fun things!

*I have saved money by not eating out all the time and instead cooking at home for the majority of our meals.

*By watching what I eat and cooking at home a lot, I’ve learned to really take the time to enjoy and savor  something when I do decide to indulge. I make sure it’s really worth it- I can easily pass on the store bought donut when I know I’ll be enjoying homemade lemon meringue pie later instead.

I encourage everyone to make the healthiest choices you can and build a lifestyle that works for you. You’ll be amazed at the differences you’ll notice in your body, mind, and even relationships!