y e l l o w s p r i n g s

Spring is F I N A L L Y in the air! I think it was the nicest weather we’ve had of any weekend this year! So, we took major advantage of it and went to a new (to us) hiking spot. I was recommended Yellow Springs by a few people. I didn’t realize there were a few parks over in that area, but I narrowed it down finally to Glen Helen Nature Preserve since that’s where the actual the Yellow Spring is. Josh and I were both awake around 5 am. For no reason. Because of this, though, we did some laundry, roasted our veggies for the week, and made eggs Benedict for breakfast all before 8! Which meant plenty of time for hiking around the nature preserve. It was about an hour drive, so we ended up getting there around 9:30. We started off by the Trailside Museum and took a loop around. The whole reason we went was to see the Yellow Spring. We never found it! Honestly, the trails were not marked at all and they kept breaking off in separate directions and we had no idea where we were from looking at the map posted up by the museum. We probably should have prepared better. On our loop around, we saw some pretty little falls, lots of green shoots starting to grow, and lots of pretty little purple flowers blooming on the trailside.


We tried taking another lap around to find the Yellow Spring, but we ended up going way more south down the Upper Birch Trail (I just looked it up online to know what trail we took) and coming back up the Talius Trail. I loved hiking along Yellow Springs Creek. It was so relaxing hearing the bubbling and gurgling of the water over rocks mixed with the chirps of the birds in the trees.


When we reached the end of the Upper Birch Trail, we literally had to climb over the railings of the bridge, walk across the road, climb back over the railings, and continue on the Talius Trail. This trail was definitely less maintained and traveled. There were lots of deer tracks (sadly no deer) and brush growing up on the trail. It wasn’t a bad hike, but I was feeling pretty over the whole thing by this point. I’m not sure I want to go hiking there again. There are definitely plenty of other options in Yellow Springs that I want to check out next time though.  

Thankfully, we found our starting point shortly after I was feeling grumpy and made our way up to Yellow Springs Brewery. I really enjoyed this cute little microbrewery located right off the Little Miami Scenic Trail. They have a huge patio full of seating – open to adults, kids, and pups too! Inside, there is plenty of seating at tables or the bar, they have local art showcased on the walls, as well as lots of their merchandise. Josh tried the Boat Show IPA. He really liked the light, citrusy taste especially after hiking for hours. We shared a yummy cheese plate (a “lunchable” style package of cheddar, cajun cheese curds, and colby with crackers) from Youngs. After the Boat Show, Josh ventured on to the Captain Stardust saison which he also enjoyed.

Since we had only had cheese (and beer for Josh) for lunch, we thought it might be a good idea to stop at Young’s Jersey Dairy on our way home. Of course, we only got ice cream! What could be a better lunch than cheese and ice cream?? We split a double buckeye sundae- a scoop of chocolate peanut butter, a scoop of peanut butter cup, whipped cream, fudge sauce, peanut butter sauce, Reese pieces, and a homemade buckeye. You can never go wrong with any combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Delish!


We will definitely be heading back to visit Yellow Springs and Young’s to check out all the fun activities they have available!