*October Loving*

If I could plan an almost perfect fall weekend, this past weekend would have been pretty darn close. We had a wedding, a baby shower, an at home date night, brunch, and family time! Lots of fun, family, friends, and yummy food!

Josh and I had Friday off of work due to a mandatory shutdown of our facility. Even though I was kind of frustrated we had to take our own PTO when it was mandatory, it worked out really well to have the day off. We slept in (I slept until 8 am…contact Guinness World Records, that is so late for me!), lounged around, and caught up on some of our tv shows. I was able to get all our meal prep done for the upcoming week as well. I love getting that off my list of things to do, it makes me feel so prepared for the week. I spent some time doing “girly” stuff like painting my nails, sipping on my pumpkin spice brulee tea, and watching Will & Grace. It was a wonderful relaxing, pampering afternoon before heading up to our friend Almitra’s wedding.  

We had to stop at Starbuck’s on the way up and it just isn’t a trip to Starbuck’s without a cake pop!


Almitra and Tim got married at the Avon Wedding Barn, which was so very adorable! The wedding ceremony was held outside under a huge tree with leaves just starting to change colors for the fall. The ceremony was officiated by one of their close friends and was really sweet. I just love love. And weddings.

After the ceremony, we headed inside the barn for appetizers and drinks- veggies with ranch dressing and cheese spread and crackers (I ate so much cheese spread, I forgot how much I love it). We had some great friends to sit and catch up with while we waited for the wedding party to come in, which made it even better.   

For dinner, City Barbeque was the caterer. I stuffed myself with all the delicious food- corn pudding, green beans, pulled pork, brisket, and cornbread loaves. Several of our friends had told us to try City Barbeque out and I’m happy we finally got to. For dessert, we had mini cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes. Naturally, Josh and I tried one of every flavor to see which we liked best. We had chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, wedding white, and chocolate to choose from. They were all really good (my faves were the cookie dough and wedding white) and the perfect size to feel like you indulged but didn’t overdo it.  

Saturday started with our usual lifting session at the gym followed by mobility and a great workout during class. The workout involved stations of rowing, toes to bar, shoulder to overhead, and rest. My favorite part was the rest haha just kidding (maybe)! When we got home, we ate lunch then it was time for me to get ready for my friend Brittany’s baby shower. I hadn’t seen Brittany for several months, so it was really nice to see her and spoil her and her baby boy! We had lots of yummy treats (pizza dip, queso, veggies, chocolate dipped pretzels, cake pops, and cake) and even played a few baby shower games. I know most people think shower games are extra cheesy, but I always enjoy playing them. I even won the word scramble game and got a prize- hand soap and the cutest pumpkin pot holder, oven mitt, and decorative towel!  

When I got home from the shower, Josh had dinner all ready for us. We had a yummy meal of chicken sausages, sauerkraut with apples, zucchini, onions, and green peppers. I snagged a few cake pops and pretzels from the baby shower, so we had some dessert too. We decided that wasn’t enough for dessert and we should probably make some snickerdoodles to make ice cream cookie sandwiches with. Josh found a great recipe for snickerdoodles and set about making them. The recipe was especially great because it only made 4 cookies…which saved us from feeling like we had to eat the whole several dozen a normal batch would make! We scooped Jeni’s Splendid Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream in between the warm out-of-the-oven cookies and it was amazing! We will definitely be making these again soon!


Sunday morning was another slow going morning. We had breakfast, drank our hot tea, and watched tv. As we were finally getting ready for the day, Josh suggested we try out Toast on Market in New Albany for brunch. I’m always game for trying new places and this one had been on our list for a long time. We arrived around 11:30 which was quite possibly the busiest time ever. We put our name in and began our thirty-five minute wait for a table. When we finally were seated, I was really excited to order. I got one of the specials of the day- apple pie French toast with cheesy hash brown casserole. Josh ordered the drowned eggs. We also ordered a lemon soufflé pancake and a pumpkin spice pancake a la carte. I thought the apple pie filled French toast was the best of our dishes. Overall, the food was pretty good, but I was expecting more (I think we’ve been spoiled with places like Tupelo Honey, etc. on vacations). I would probably eat there again, but I’m definitely willing to try other places before going back.  


We headed home to pick up Rocko and go to my parents’ house for the afternoon. All of my siblings and their significant others were there to celebrate my brothers’ and my brother-in-law’s birthdays. My mom fixed lots and lots of food for us to snack on. We had green pepper jelly on cream cheese with Ritz crackers, sausage/cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers, and pumpkin fluff with graham crackers. We all got our fill of snacks and headed out to the garage to decorate pumpkins. Normally, we would carve pumpkins, but this year we all decided to try something new and paint them. I think they turned out pretty darn great! And they’ll last much longer than if we had carved them, hooray!

After we finished up with our pumpkins, it was dinner time! I wasn’t even hungry, but when it’s a home cooked meal from my momma that doesn’t matter lol. We had chicken and tilapia with onions and bell peppers (think fajita insides), deviled eggs, rice, beans, and my grandma’s homemade German potato salad (*drool*). And don’t forget dessert- funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing, homemade sweet cream ice cream, and peanut butter rice krispies with chocolate ganache on top!  

There’s nothing like a weekend of celebrating love, babies, family, and food to rejuvenate your soul!




Josh and I spent a VERY much needed weekend away in Virginia with my best friend and her family this past weekend. It was exactly what we needed and the perfect change of pace. Normally, we’re running around like crazy trying to jam pack every little thing we can into our trip. This trip was much more relaxed and go with the flow, as you would expect with a toddler in the mix. One of the most adorable toddlers, I might add, with the best belly laugh, such a kind heart, and the perfect mix of girly with a little dirt around the edges. Spending time with their family this weekend made me all the more ready for my little nephew (yes, nephew! We found out this weekend!!) to arrive in December.

Some of my favorite memories from this weekend (in no particular order):

*Hitting a 200# back squat for a new 1RM (I’ve been working on this for over 2 years! Every time I visit my bestie, I PR a lift…she must have some awesome mojo)

*Playing at the park on the carousel and swings- it brought back some of my favorite childhood memories

*Lots of stories and laughter (and of course the peanut butter blast dessert) at Sedona Taphouse 


*Partnering with my bestie during the Saturday workout at Ardent CrossFit and sharing Duck Donuts afterwards

*Finding out Josh and I are going to be auntie and uncle to a nephew!



*Hiking around Government Island and learning the history behind the quarry there (the stone from the quarry was used to build the White House)

*Dancing at the neighborhood fall festival and hot dog buns on faces (if that isn’t pure joy, I don’t know what is!)


*Eating the famous Georgetown Cupcakes in Georgetown (which is such an adorable place)…peanut butter fudge for the win!

*Seeing the White House and experiencing all the memorials and monuments at the National Mall  for the first time

*Eating a giant ice cream cone and just enjoying time with each other on the lawn at the National Mall


I am so very thankful for best friends who are family and our time together and I can’t wait for another visit (hopefully very soon) in the future!

balancing act

I am super pumped because Saturday marked the start of week 3 on mine and Josh’s RP cut and week 3 of our CF Ripcord Nutrition Challenge! Josh and I had been on maintenance for a little over 3 months (from April to July) and I was more than ready to get back on a “normal” eating schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being a little more lenient over maintenance and eating some really great food on vacation, but there’s just something about eating healthy on a regular basis. I really just feel better, sleep better, work out better, everything’s just better! When we realized it was time to start another cut, we thought why not get the whole gym involved in a nutrition challenge with us? Josh and I have had some great success adjusting our eating habits and I wanna share the wealth! The nutrition challenge at the gym will last 3 months, from the beginning of July to the end of September (this is how long a cut with RP is as well). We wanted it to be a length of time that really got people in the habit of eating healthier long-term and not just a quick fix, 30 day thing that likely wouldn’t last past those 30 days. As part of  the nutrition challenge, we came up with a challenge workout that was done at the start and will be repeated again at the end. We also have weekly mini challenges throughout the twelve weeks to help keep people involved and interested- little things such as drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water each day or completing 100 double unders throughout the week. It’s so great doing this as a gym because it helps us all stay on track and hold each other accountable. If anyone is having a rough day, there’s always someone on the Facebook group willing to offer encouragement or good tips to get through the day. I’m really hoping this challenge will help people make healthier choices. Switch the Mountain Dew for some tea or water. Snack on some cucumbers instead of a Milky Way. These are all seemingly small changes that really add up over time and make a world of difference. They have for me anyways. Through RP, I have really come to appreciate my body and what I put into it, while still being able to enjoy life. It’s been such a learning experience and balancing act. I’ve learned that I’m going to sometimes eat foods that aren’t considered healthy. I’ve learned that it’s ok and I don’t need to punish or starve myself when I do eat something unhealthy- just get right back at it for the next meal. I’ve learned that I feel so much better when I eat healthy and that helps me stay on track. I’ve learned that sometimes I’m not really hungry-sometimes I’m bored or tired or stressed and instead of stuffing my face, I should sip on some tea or get up and move around.    

 File_000 (1)

Saturday was packed full- we spent our morning at the gym lifting, getting in some mobility, and doing a partner hero workout with LOTS of burpees and barbell movements. It was the most amazing weather (sunny and mid-70s) and I tried to soak it all in. After the gym was the usual Saturday afternoon adulting- mowing, laundry, and all the meal prepping. My sister-in-law, Kena, has been sharing some zucchini from her neighbor with us and I love it! There is nothing better than fresh garden vegetables, store bought just doesn’t even compare! This week she spoiled us and brought over 5 of the biggest zucchini ever- I was able to sauté some, use a bunch in our veggie chili, and still had so much left that I had to use 3 whole baking sheets to roast the remainder in the oven.


With the cut and the gym nutrition challenge going on, Josh and I have been really good about staying on track with our nutrition and not eating out. We purchased the newest RP cookbook “The Renaissance Feast” and have been loving it. Every week during the cut, we have decided to choose one recipe out of the cookbook and make it together for Saturday night date night. This week’s choice was orange beef- steak and broccoli covered in a delicious orange sauce on white rice. The best part is all the recipes can be altered so that we can hit the protein, fat, and carbs we need at each meal. It was very yummy and I can’t wait to try out another recipe from the cookbook!  


After dinner, we searched through Netflix to find a movie to watch. Josh found a movie named “Butter” which neither of us had ever heard of, but Netflix was recommending. We decided to give it a try. I’m glad we did. There is a great cast- Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, and several others. The movie is about a butter carving competition at the local county fair in a small town in Iowa. It was not what I expected, but it was so great. I never knew butter carving could be so impressive!

Sunday morning I met up with Kalee and Des for breakfast at Cracker Barrel for some much needed sis time. I have genuinely missed these girls- our schedules are all so different and crazy, we hardly get to see each other as much as we would all like. They both do RP too, so I didn’t feel guilty about meeting up with them while on my cut because I knew they would make healthy choices and help me stay on track as well. It’s seriously the best! We all ordered the Good Morning Breakfast which came with scrambled egg whites, turkey sausage, sliced tomatoes, a small fruit cup, and cheese grits. Not bad for eating out! I loved being able to catch up and laugh so much at their stories.

After breakfast, Josh and I finished the newest Netflix series “Friends from College”. There were only eight episodes, so it took us no time at all to finish the season. And you can’t not watch a show that features Cobie Smulders, Fred Savage, and Keegan-Michael Key as main characters. Rocko just wanted to go to Mamaw’s for ham!

File_000 (2)

For lunch, we headed to Josh’s Mamaw and Papaw’s house to celebrate Josh/his cousin/his uncle’s birthdays. Rocko absolutely loves riding in the car (I promise, he was very safe and not at any risk of falling out of our car)- seriously how cute is he?!


Before you ask-no, we did not stay on track with our eating. Before starting the cut, we had already decided this would be one of three “off track” meals. This is where the balancing act comes in- I understand that I can’t eat cake every single day, but during a special occasion there is no reason to deprive myself from enjoying something worth it like Mamaw’s home cooked meal and Kena’s homemade cake. Mamaw served us a delicious meal of meatloaf, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, broccoli salad, a veggie tray, and rolls with apple butter and sorghum. I had never tasted sorghum before…I’m a fan. If you like thick, sugary syrup, sorghum is where it’s at! For dessert, Kena made her best cake yet- a vanilla cake with white chocolate chips filled with raspberry icing and topped with white chocolate frosting. She even brought fresh raspberries and made a raspberry compote to put on top. All homemade. *drool*          


After cards and presents were opened, it was game time. While half of his family played a card game, Kaylie, Josh, and I played Settlers of Catan. Even though I’m pretty terrible at this game, I really enjoy playing it. Especially now that we finally read the rules and know how to play it correctly (it’s only been 7 months since we started playing hahaha). Kaylie won…probably cheated lol jk…and Josh and I called it a tie for the loss.

We capped off our evening at home watching “Shameless” (we’re on season 4 now!) until Game of Thrones time. Finally! Having to wait 3 extra months for the premiere was no fun. Game of Thrones is probably one of my favorite shows of all time- I know this because it’s the only show I’m willing to stay up an hour past my bedtime to watch live. I can’t lie, part of the reason we stay up to watch it live is because I don’t want it ruined by people on Facebook and other social media. Seriously, people, not everybody gets to watch it as it airs. Keep the spoilers to yourself!

Someone was all tuckered out from a late night watching GoT.


hilton head

After our super scrumptious brunch at Tupelo Honey, Josh and I started the last leg of our drive over to Hilton Head. What should have been about a 5 hour drive turned into much longer…there were several wrecks and lots and lots and lots of rain which made for much slower driving than we had anticipated. Thankfully, we had Monsters to drink to keep us awake and lots of great music to help pass the time. And the closer we got to Hilton Head, the better the weather became. It was close to dinner time when we arrived on the island, so we decided to eat at Lucky Rooster. We had charred shishito peppers and okra for an appetizer. The veggies were crunchy and light enough to curb our hangry-ness, but not fill us up too much for our entrees. The menu there rotates to accommodate what is being grown locally, so you never know what options you might have to choose from. If we had been feeling extra adventurous, one of the options was a whole pig’s head! I wasn’t quite sure I could handle trying that for the first time in a crowded restaurant, so instead I ordered the half roasted chicken with collard greens, garlic smashed potatoes, and a honey+hot dipping sauce. That sauce was so yummy! Josh got the shrimp and grits with peas, beans, corn, and a tomato butter sauce.

We finally headed to the house my parents had rented for the week around 9 pm. The house we stayed at was in the Sea Pines Resort. The resort had everything you could imagine- shopping centers, a marina, tons of restaurants, golfing, stables, bike trails, and much more. Everyone else had made it to the house earlier that afternoon/evening, so they were just relaxing when we arrived. We wandered around to check out the rooms, the awesome backyard and pool, and get our stuff settled in our room. Everyone was super chill after traveling the past two days and ready for bed early.

Sunday morning was slow going and relaxed. We woke up on our own without an alarm- something we rarely ever do, even on the weekends! Tommy, Alysha, Josh, and I made a trip over to Duck Donuts for breakfast. We had to wait in line to order/get our doughnuts for almost 30 minutes, but it was well worth it. They make the cake donut batter every few minutes and don’t start forming it into rings or frying it until you place your order. Doesn’t get any fresher than that! They have what seems like a million different combinations of glazes, toppings, and drizzles to choose from for your donuts. Josh and I ordered a peanut butter glaze with Oreos and a hot fudge drizzle donut and a blueberry glaze with shredded coconut and a lemon drizzle. There’s not much more delicious than a fresh, warm cake donut!

When we made it back to the house, the rest of the family had already headed to the beach. The house we were staying at provided beach chairs, boogie boards, and bikes for us to use for the week. Alysha and Tommy grabbed two of the bikes and went ahead to the beach while Josh and I got changed and got our stuff together. We were all ready to ride our bikes over when we realized that the bikes left at the house were not great. One bike was in ok shape to ride, one had broken handle bars that constantly fell down. One bike had a flat tire and the remaining bike had a flat tire and looked like the tire was about to burst off the rim. We searched around to find the air pump and finally found one. We had to plug the air pump into the car to air up the tire. Twice because the first time didn’t air it up very well. After running around for several minutes to find the door code, get directions to the beach, figure out how to close the garage door, and make sure the house was all locked up we were FINALLY ready to head down to the beach. Or so we thought. The directions we were left with to get from the house to the beach were quite confusing. We followed the bike path around, over the bridge, and to the stop sign according to the directions. But we messed up by going straight instead of turning at the stop sign. So, we found ourselves on the golf course where no bikes are allowed but within view of the beach and ocean. We realized our mistake and turned around, eventually making it to the beach path. What should have been a total of 5 minutes (including changing, packing up our stuff, and riding to the beach) had know turned into almost 45-50 minutes and I was on the verge of having a meltdown. This was vacation. Wasn’t it supposed to be fun? Relaxing? Anything other than this? Thank God my husband is patient, lets me have my little meltdowns, hugs me, and we move on with the day.

The beach was very clean and pretty. It was relatively quiet for being the middle of summer. Families were lounging on their blankets under umbrellas, people throwing footballs back and forth, bobbing in the water. The ocean waves lapping against the sand have always been one of my favorite sounds. It’s very relaxing to me. With that being said, just laying out on the beach is hard for me to do. We’re really active at home, so it’s hard for me not to get bored after a short time just laying around. Oh, how times have changed since I was younger!

File_002 (2)   

After about an hour at the beach, Josh and I were ready to leave, so we grabbed Lys and Derrick and headed to Harbor Town in the Sea Pines resort. Harbor Town is a cute little area full of boutiques, specialty shops, restaurants, a marina, a lighthouse, and more. The first store we stopped in at was a clothing shop/convenience store. And it was the best store because it also had ice cream and Pino Gelato! It was rather lucky that we happened upon the gelato as it was snack time! I tried the salted caramel (delish!) and Josh had the bananas foster in a waffle cone. The gelato was so creamy and delightful. We explored the area a bit more and came across a whole section of rocking chairs looking out over the marina. I was in heaven! I love rocking chairs!   

The sky started to get cloudier and the wind started picking up, so Josh and I started walking towards the bakery to see if it was open and wait out the rain. The bakery was closed (boooo) and the weather was getting worse. We had to sprint to the car and it started pouring down rain as soon as we got in. It was supposed to rain for awhile and we still had a few hours until we were meeting up with my family for dinner, so we picked Derrick and Lys up to go back to the house. Everyone was getting ready…slowly…so I took a glorious hour long nap. When everyone was ready we went back to Harbor Town for dinner. It was sprinkling on and off, so it was pretty quiet around the area. The Crazy Crab restaurant was about an hour wait, so we all strolled around, stopping at different shops and taking pictures. PS, how adorbs are my parents?!  

Dinner at The Crazy Crab was great. They brought us out baskets of rolls and hush puppies. I think I ate 20 of those hush puppies. I couldn’t stop myself. They had a wide range of fresh seafood to choose from. Josh ordered the Captain’s Platter- crab cake, broiled lobster tail, flounder, shrimps, and scallops with mashed potatoes and green beans. I got the crab and lobster stuffed flounder with hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was everything my heart desired.   


After dinner, it wasn’t hard to convince everyone to get Pino Gelato from the convenience store. This time I tried the pistachio in a waffle cone and Josh had the butter pecan. Yumm-o!

goal digger

You might be thinking “It’s the middle of the year, why would she be posting about goals now?” Well, I’ve had these goals since New Year’s (ok, some have been around for years lol) and I’ve been pursuing them. But, honestly, to me, there isn’t a bad time to think up a goal and start working towards it. There are no rules regarding when you’re allowed to dream a dream and work towards being your best self. I have goals for my marriage, for my career, for CrossFit, just life in general.

Eat clean and stay healthy.
Get butterfly pull-ups.
Reduce credit card debt and budget better.
Get a bar muscle-up.
Be consistent at getting a strict muscle-up.
Go on more adventures.
Move 95# clean & jerks and/or snatches in workouts.
Learn how to handstand walk.
Be actively supportive (of Josh and others in my life).

I made my goals list and wrote it out on card stock to keep on the front cover of my gym accessory work binder, so that I would see it every day and help keep myself accountable. Plus, if I have it sitting out on the bench, someone might ask about it and that can help trigger others to set goals of their own and work on them! While I may not reach all of these goals this year or next year or even the next, I am actively working on being the best version of myself that I can be. And that right there is a win in and of itself to me.

File_000 (9)

I got my very first bar muscle-up back in January, but have still been working on progressions and drills because I have problems with “chicken-winging” or throwing one arm over before the other which is bad form. For the first time this weekend, I was able to get three bar muscle-ups with no chicken wing…on purpose! I’ve been told many times over the last several months to use my hips, keep my feet together, etc and for whatever reason it finally all clicked for me! If I hadn’t set a goal to get a bar muscle-up, I would never have put in the time and effort. I would have never known how amazing and accomplished I could feel after putting in all the hard work!

File_001 (8)

My RP Hypertrophy lifting went much smoother on Saturday than the last few weekends. I didn’t miss any lifts and even though it was the heaviest weights for this cycle, nothing felt overly terrible. We got in a great mobility session with Ryan and then stuck around for the class WOD. I partnered up with the ever amazing Jessica Downs and we had a grand ole time working through our 10 rounds of thrusters, chest to bar pull-ups (I substituted ring rows so my giant blood blister wouldn’t rip and bleed all over the place), and ab-mat sit-ups with a partner overhead barbell hold.

File_006 (1)

After class, Josh and I hosted a nutrition information session for our very first CF Ripcord Nutrition Challenge! Josh and I (and a few other members at the gym) have really been putting in an effort to eat cleaner and fuel our bodies as opposed to just eating whatever food is in front of us. We finally decided to ask if we could get the whole gym involved- what better way to keep everyone motivated and working hard than to involve the whole gym?! We had over 15 people sit in at the information session and at least half that many went ahead and signed up for the challenge! I am hoping we get at least 10 people to sign up, so I’m more than excited that we’re over halfway there already! After the info session, we stopped at Ryan and Jessica’s to pick up their lab, Beans, to watch her overnight for them. She’s just the sweetest pup and such a good house guest! We headed home for all the usual fun adulting- meal prep, laundry, mowing, and tidying up around the house. I had two of the cutest little “helpers” while I meal prepped…secretly I think they were just waiting for me to drop something!

File_000 (10)

Saturday evening we had planned on going to see Wonder Woman up in Columbus. Josh and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when he suggested maybe we could head up to eat at 450 North Brewing Co. before the movie. It was going to be a time crunch to get there to eat and make it to the movie, but their pizza is too amazing to pass up and with the nutrition challenge starting in July we knew we wouldn’t have any time to make it there again. We got there at a perfect time- it was busy, but the dinner crowd hadn’t shown up yet and we got a seat immediately. I ordered a Juicy Peach hard cider (it was so crisp and light, the perfect drink for me) and Josh got a Citra Rainbows Double IPA. We got an order of two breadsticks with white queso and the Sweet Asian pizza, a brick oven pizza topped with a sweet chili sauce, red onion, grilled chicken, red peppers, and gooey Mozzarella cheese. It was the best pizza I’ve had from there, definitely my new favorite flavor.

File_001 (7)

When we got our pizza, we realized there were only about 15 minutes until the movie was supposed to start. Instead of rushing, we decided it was no big deal to just skip the movie and enjoy our dinner date. Even though Josh and I spend almost all of our time together at work/the gym/home, I never tire of going out on a date and just spending time with him. After devouring the whole pizza (yes, we ate the whole large pizza between the two of us), we came up with a brilliant plan to stop for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream, rent the Lego Batman movie, and head home to relax. Sometimes I genuinely wonder how I got so lucky…

We spent Sunday afternoon at Mamaw and Papaw’s house celebrating Father’s Day and Kena’s birthday with Josh’s side of the family. There is never any worry about getting plenty to eat there and yesterday was no exception. Kena grilled some juicy ribs and chicken, Kaylie made homemade corn bread, and we also had the usual broccoli salad, rolls, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, and veggie tray. For dessert, Kaylie made a homemade red velvet cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese icing and Mamaw had homemade vanilla ice cream.

While everyone played a card game, I took a nap in my “nap” chair. When the card game was done, Kena, Papaw, and Kyle opened up their gifts and we sat around and talked for a bit before heading home. We’re leaving for vacation this coming Thursday, so I took advantage of some free time to sweep, vacuum, and wash our blankets, just so we can come home to an extra tidy house. We ended our weekend relaxing in our room, watching “The Switch” on Netflix. Another great weekend in the books!




home of the free because of the brave

Friday evening was pretty much the best ever! How could it not be when it started with me goofing around at the gym and hitting a strict bar muscle-up?! Coach Jeff and I were playing around on the rig and I asked if he could do a strict bar muscle-up and I told him I was close (just being a smarty pants lol). He got soooo close so many times, but couldn’t quite get it. I pulled myself up really high almost getting one and surprised us all, so I had to make another attempt. I switched my grip on the bar and tried again and got one! Of course, everyone was chatting and not paying attention, so no one saw it (face palm). Good thing I video’ed it on the magical chance I would get one! I probably won’t be able to get another one for a really long time, but I was super pumped to get one in the first place…and I can’t lie, it made me feel kind of good because Josh hasn’t gotten one yet and he can do all kinds of things that I can’t! Love you, babe! 😉

File_000 (10)

Saturday was like any other Saturday for us. We hit the gym for our Hypertrophy lifting, mobility class (full of extra laughs and story time revolving around all the fun things children say), and got a great team workout in. The workout included rowing, goblet squats, and bar muscle-ups. I was able to get 3 bar MU in all five rounds (15 total) which is a workout PR for me! Slowly and surely, I’m building up my strength and courage to continue improving. It wasn’t that long ago (about 5 months) that I couldn’t even do 1 bar muscle-up and this weekend I got 15! It’s very rewarding to put in all the time and effort, work on drills and progressions, and see all the hard work start paying off. After class, Josh stayed to teach his nutrition class and I headed home to do laundry and meal prep…I know you’re shocked by this! There’s just something about having all the clean laundry folded and put away and all our meals prepped in the fridge for the week- it just gives me a sense of accomplishment and order. Josh is the best and takes care of all the yardwork. I can’t stand mowing or weed eating, so he kindly handles the outdoor stuff while I handle all the indoor stuff. We spent the evening catching up on all the CF Regionals events for the Pacific, California, and Central regions, then rented “Hidden Figures”. I very much enjoyed the movie. What a time it must have been to live in back during the 1960s- rushing to be the first country into space, fear of the Russians taking over and bombing the US, sexism and racial segregation prominent in the workplace and in the community. The movie was a behind the scenes look at the Space Race, following the lives of three African American women mathematicians who helped launch John Glenn into space, making him the first American to orbit the Earth. There was anger, laughter, frustration, excitement, romance- all the things that make a movie great for me. Definitely check it out if you have a chance.

We started off Sunday morning at church, singing, worshipping, and continuing our multi-week study on prayer. After church, we headed to Josh’s grandparents to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day and his grandma and cousin’s birthdays. At Mamaw’s, you’re always guaranteed tons of food and Sunday was no exception. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, and a veggie tray. We brought Rocko with us (he loves Mamaw’s house because she gives him all kinds of treats) and I mentioned how much he loves hot dogs. Mamaw pulled an entire hot dog to the side and cut it up into little pieces just for him. Talk about spoiled! Kena made the yummiest homemade vanilla ice cream and a cookies and cream cake decorated like a race track.  

File_001 (5)

After lunch and 2 servings of cake and ice cream (I can’t stop myself when it comes to Kena’s cake), I fell asleep in my “nap chair” while the rest of the family played a card game and watched TV. When the card game was finished, we gathered around to watch Mamaw, Colin, and Teresa open their gifts and spend some time chatting and catching up. We headed home after a while and finished watching the CF Regionals events. This weekend was crazy at regionals. There were several injuries (pec injuries from high intensity/high volume ring dips and muscle ups) and a definite shake-up on the leaderboards across the regions- people I thought wouldn’t make it to the Games did and people I thought would make it didn’t. Which is part of what makes watching Regionals so fun…you never know what to expect!   

Monday was Memorial Day, a day we celebrate, honor, and remember all who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. While I have family members and friends who have served or are currently serving, I have been so lucky to not lose anyone in the line of duty. There are so many people though who have lost loved ones and I know “thank you” will never be enough and that our debt to everyone who serves can never be repaid. I am proud to be a member of a gym that does our best to honor the fallen by participating in a special workout, “Murph”, on Memorial Day. Murph is a workout done in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. The workout was originally called “Body Armor” and was one of his favorites. The workout is 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run with a 20 pound vest if you have one. By coming together and suffering through this workout, we hope to pay tribute to Lieutenant Murphy and all that have laid down their lives for us.

After everyone finished the workout, we headed over to Angie’s for a cookout and pool party. Angie and her family are so gracious to let us come over and enjoy their beautiful house and the most perfect backyard oasis ever! Angie had brats, pulled pork, and beef brisket  for us and everyone brought side dishes and dessert to share. We ate lots of yummy food, lounged in the pool and hot tub, and laughed a whole lot! The weather was amazing- the bright sun shining down and big fluffy clouds rolling by with a nice breeze. A group of the adults got together and played a game of volleyball (with some hilarious sideline commentary by the ever energetic Carter) in the backyard for a bit, while the kids jumped on the trampoline and did flips off the water fountain into the pool. So much fun was had! I can’t wait for our next gym pool party and spending time with some of the best people I know!