happy anni-four-sary

This Thursday will be Josh and my four year wedding anniversary!!! Some days it feels like it’s not even been a year and other days I can’t believe we haven’t been married for our whole lives. And I mean both of those in the best way. I can’t possibly imagine how my life would have turned out without Josh in it. He has opened me up to a whole new world outside my comfort zone – moving to a new state away from friends and family, starting a new job, living in a big city, etc. And at the same time, he has shown me how amazing it can be to be passionate about something, to become the best version of yourself, and to never settle.

Since we’ll be married for four years, I thought it would be fun to talk about four things that have been super important in our marriage this past year! 

  1. Forgive, but don’t forget. By this, I definitely don’t mean to hold a grudge. It has never been healthy for me (or us) to ruminate for a long time about our disagreements or arguments. And it’s definitely not been conducive to a healthy relationship for us to keep bringing stuff back up after we’ve made up. After an argument, I usually need a little time to think about what was really bothering me or what I think maybe was bothering Josh and then I’m ready to discuss it right then. It is so important to us not to go to bed angry. We don’t always come to a perfect agreement (I mean, does anyone?), but we always make sure we listen to each other and come up with a plan for it not to happen again. And so while we forgive each other, we don’t want to forget because we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes or things that have made us argue.    


  1. Don’t keep score. Often, it is so easy to fall into the trap of “woe is me”, to think of all the things I do for the relationship, for our house, for our family. Even when Josh is contributing just as much as me. It is more often than not that just because I’ve done the dishes one night, Josh has actually done them the past four and I’ve just had a rough day and can only focus on me, me, me. We both have days like that, I think everyone does. So, instead of focusing on “me”, I try to focus on “we”. What we can accomplish when I simply ask for help and we work together as a team, instead of putting the pressure on myself (or Josh) to do it alone. 


  1. Laugh. One of my absolute favorite things to do (besides hugging) is to laugh. I love being super goofy by making up silly songs or doing a weird/awkward dance and making Josh laugh. And I love when Josh does something goofy or says something sarcastic that makes me laugh. I truly believe that having the ability to laugh in some of our hardest times and some of our best times has been so important for our relationship.   


  1. Listen. This one is definitely more for me. I so easily get excited about an idea or feel like I need to share my point of view instantly and that has led to me talking over Josh more than once. I have really been working on taking a deep breath and actually listening to what Josh has to say instead of dominating the conversation. If we don’t take the time to listen to each other, it feels like we don’t respect the other person’s opinion and I never want to make anyone feel that way- especially my husband. I think I might always be a work in progress on this one, but it is one of the most important things I’m working on.  

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I am so blessed to have spent the past four years with Josh as my partner, my husband, my everything in this crazy adventure called life. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!!!

{you make me better than I was before}

Gosh, you guys, Josh and I have been married for 2 years!!! I know that maybe doesn’t seem that long to some of you and in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t, but I’m still so happy and excited that I’ve been his wifey for 2 whole years! I feel like some days it seems like we’ve been together our whole lives and I have such a deep, strong love inside me. Other days it seems like it’s our first official date (btw our first official date was watching The Incredibles on my couch) and I still get butterflies in my stomach and a catch in my throat when he kisses me. I was content, mostly independent (you try not to call your dad at 6 am when a mouse runs across your bed to eat you), and fine on my own before I met Josh, but now that he is in my life I can’t possibly imagine how I ever made it without him. So, I thought it would be kind of fun to put down my thoughts on what I’ve learned so far in our two years of marriage.


What marriage means to me:

-Putting someone else’s needs before your own (staying home to snuggle on the couch and make soup when he’s sick instead of going out to dinner with friends or to the gym)

-Being their number one cheerleader even when you’re scared (yes, we can possibly move out of state for you to go to school and pursue your dreams even though I’ve never lived anywhere else my whole life!!)

-Sharing that last bite of warm delicious ooey gooey skillet cookie covered in ice cream and fudge (am I the only one that offers the last bite, secretly hoping the whole time they’ll say “no, go ahead, you have it”?? lol)

-Doing the daily/weekly tedious chores (like cleaning and laundry and meal prepping) so that he has time for his studies and schoolwork

– Mowing the lawn for me even when there are probably at least 99 other things he’d rather do (I HATE mowing, so I’m really thankful for Josh not minding to do it)

-Folding his shirts differently than your own because that’s what he likes. And folding his sweaters instead of hanging them like yours so they don’t get shoulder nipples.

-Pushing the “summon” button over and over on Summoner’s War because he gets a kick out what monsters you get

-Making breakfast every morning so we start the day off right

-Rushing across the house to share that cute video or funny text or crazy gossip because you just have to share no matter how silly or small it is

-Learning to go with the flow more (you all know I like me some organization and schedules, so this is a work in progress…I’ll let you know the status of this one after upcoming trip to Ireland)

-Driving an hour (or two or three) on a random week night to get donut ice cream sandwiches

-Accepting apologies no matter what and not holding on to grudges

-Letting each other be annoyed or hurt or angry for however long they need, but never going to bed without talking it out and being ok with each other first

-Going grocery shopping and running errands with each other just to spend time together

-Going to bed every night with an “I love you” and waking up to sleepy kisses every morning

I’m sure the list could go on and on lol, but I’ll stop myself before we’re here for ten more years! I can’t wait for so many more years of laughs, tears, adventures, overcoming fears, and lots and lots of love!  

*October Loving*

If I could plan an almost perfect fall weekend, this past weekend would have been pretty darn close. We had a wedding, a baby shower, an at home date night, brunch, and family time! Lots of fun, family, friends, and yummy food!

Josh and I had Friday off of work due to a mandatory shutdown of our facility. Even though I was kind of frustrated we had to take our own PTO when it was mandatory, it worked out really well to have the day off. We slept in (I slept until 8 am…contact Guinness World Records, that is so late for me!), lounged around, and caught up on some of our tv shows. I was able to get all our meal prep done for the upcoming week as well. I love getting that off my list of things to do, it makes me feel so prepared for the week. I spent some time doing “girly” stuff like painting my nails, sipping on my pumpkin spice brulee tea, and watching Will & Grace. It was a wonderful relaxing, pampering afternoon before heading up to our friend Almitra’s wedding.  

We had to stop at Starbuck’s on the way up and it just isn’t a trip to Starbuck’s without a cake pop!


Almitra and Tim got married at the Avon Wedding Barn, which was so very adorable! The wedding ceremony was held outside under a huge tree with leaves just starting to change colors for the fall. The ceremony was officiated by one of their close friends and was really sweet. I just love love. And weddings.

After the ceremony, we headed inside the barn for appetizers and drinks- veggies with ranch dressing and cheese spread and crackers (I ate so much cheese spread, I forgot how much I love it). We had some great friends to sit and catch up with while we waited for the wedding party to come in, which made it even better.   

For dinner, City Barbeque was the caterer. I stuffed myself with all the delicious food- corn pudding, green beans, pulled pork, brisket, and cornbread loaves. Several of our friends had told us to try City Barbeque out and I’m happy we finally got to. For dessert, we had mini cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes. Naturally, Josh and I tried one of every flavor to see which we liked best. We had chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, wedding white, and chocolate to choose from. They were all really good (my faves were the cookie dough and wedding white) and the perfect size to feel like you indulged but didn’t overdo it.  

Saturday started with our usual lifting session at the gym followed by mobility and a great workout during class. The workout involved stations of rowing, toes to bar, shoulder to overhead, and rest. My favorite part was the rest haha just kidding (maybe)! When we got home, we ate lunch then it was time for me to get ready for my friend Brittany’s baby shower. I hadn’t seen Brittany for several months, so it was really nice to see her and spoil her and her baby boy! We had lots of yummy treats (pizza dip, queso, veggies, chocolate dipped pretzels, cake pops, and cake) and even played a few baby shower games. I know most people think shower games are extra cheesy, but I always enjoy playing them. I even won the word scramble game and got a prize- hand soap and the cutest pumpkin pot holder, oven mitt, and decorative towel!  

When I got home from the shower, Josh had dinner all ready for us. We had a yummy meal of chicken sausages, sauerkraut with apples, zucchini, onions, and green peppers. I snagged a few cake pops and pretzels from the baby shower, so we had some dessert too. We decided that wasn’t enough for dessert and we should probably make some snickerdoodles to make ice cream cookie sandwiches with. Josh found a great recipe for snickerdoodles and set about making them. The recipe was especially great because it only made 4 cookies…which saved us from feeling like we had to eat the whole several dozen a normal batch would make! We scooped Jeni’s Splendid Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream in between the warm out-of-the-oven cookies and it was amazing! We will definitely be making these again soon!


Sunday morning was another slow going morning. We had breakfast, drank our hot tea, and watched tv. As we were finally getting ready for the day, Josh suggested we try out Toast on Market in New Albany for brunch. I’m always game for trying new places and this one had been on our list for a long time. We arrived around 11:30 which was quite possibly the busiest time ever. We put our name in and began our thirty-five minute wait for a table. When we finally were seated, I was really excited to order. I got one of the specials of the day- apple pie French toast with cheesy hash brown casserole. Josh ordered the drowned eggs. We also ordered a lemon soufflé pancake and a pumpkin spice pancake a la carte. I thought the apple pie filled French toast was the best of our dishes. Overall, the food was pretty good, but I was expecting more (I think we’ve been spoiled with places like Tupelo Honey, etc. on vacations). I would probably eat there again, but I’m definitely willing to try other places before going back.  


We headed home to pick up Rocko and go to my parents’ house for the afternoon. All of my siblings and their significant others were there to celebrate my brothers’ and my brother-in-law’s birthdays. My mom fixed lots and lots of food for us to snack on. We had green pepper jelly on cream cheese with Ritz crackers, sausage/cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers, and pumpkin fluff with graham crackers. We all got our fill of snacks and headed out to the garage to decorate pumpkins. Normally, we would carve pumpkins, but this year we all decided to try something new and paint them. I think they turned out pretty darn great! And they’ll last much longer than if we had carved them, hooray!

After we finished up with our pumpkins, it was dinner time! I wasn’t even hungry, but when it’s a home cooked meal from my momma that doesn’t matter lol. We had chicken and tilapia with onions and bell peppers (think fajita insides), deviled eggs, rice, beans, and my grandma’s homemade German potato salad (*drool*). And don’t forget dessert- funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing, homemade sweet cream ice cream, and peanut butter rice krispies with chocolate ganache on top!  

There’s nothing like a weekend of celebrating love, babies, family, and food to rejuvenate your soul!



{celebrating} Mother’s Day & a Marriage

Who doesn’t love a weekend full of celebrating love? I’m so super excited about this past weekend still! Saturday morning was filled with lifting and lots of fitness and fun with the class. I got in some cleans, clean deadlifts, front squats, and walking lunges for my Hypertrophy templates. After mobility, we tackled the workout which was a weighted team sled pull (my team pulled 255#, not to brag or anything, but that was the heaviest sled in the whole class), 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 double unders (each person), then another sled pull. I absolutely love partner/team workouts because it makes me push a little harder so as not to let anyone down. This was so fun and I hope we do it again sometime in the future. After class, I headed home to get all our meal prep done while Josh taught his first class in his nutrition series. He had five people sign up, which was really exciting! We got some downtime Saturday afternoon and watched part of the USA Weightlifting National Championships before heading up to Columbus for my friend, Torrie’s, wedding. This girl and I have been friends since 2011. We met at Columbus Regional Hospital when I took a job there and Torrie was a medical technologist. Soon after starting, I walked right up to her and gave her a big hug…I didn’t give her any choice but to become my friend! We quickly learned that we had a lot in common, most especially our love for TV (she introduced me to the concept of putting all my TV shows into a spreadsheet categorized by date, time, and channel). How could this girl not be my soulmate? Fast forward six years and celebrating her and Brian getting married! The wedding was beautiful (I loved all the decorations with big red roses and white carnations) and Torrie was so gorgeous all dolled up and in her wedding dress. It was so great to catch up with my friend, Tim, and all my old co-workers from the hospital. There were lots of laughs and stories to tell. It’s possible that I ate 4 pieces of cake, too…I had to try all the flavors. And I did share with Josh! The best part was the photo booth they had set up at the reception. It was so fun putting on different masks and accessories and being extra goofy with everyone.  

Today was Mother’s Day. As I get older, I appreciate more and more what all my mom has done/does for me. I was adopted the day I was born. I’ve always known, it wasn’t something my mom and dad felt like ever hiding. There was never any doubt though that I wasn’t loved or that I wasn’t a “real” part of the family because of being adopted. My mom often told me “Never forget for a single minute, you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it”. I love that saying to this very day.


Growing up, my mom never ever let a day go by without telling us how much she loved my siblings and I, whether it was through words or home cooked meals on the table every night. She still helps us out any time that we need, taking off work to help us move to a new house or talking to us on the phone for an hour when we’re having a bad (or good) day. And you can always count on tons of food all over the kitchen if you’re hungry (or even if you’re not). Celebrating Mother’s Day at my parents house today was no exception. We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the most gorgeous sun shining down with a light breeze, playing corn hole and spike ball, and lounging by the pool (my dad opened their pool this week, but it was FREEZING so even though the crazy boys got in, no way was I) while the pups all ran around the yard peeing on everything and wrestling with each other. It was crazy and loud and I couldn’t imagine my home life any other way! After a few hours playing outside, we were all starving, so we came in to enjoy a delicious dinner of stromboli, pasta salad, fruit salad, homemade fudgy brownies (I made them from scratch for the first time ever all by myself, yay me!), my mom’s homemade Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a homemade strawberries ‘n cream cake roll (by my talented baking hubby). Josh and I tried our best to be good, so we brought our own meals for dinner…and then enjoyed all the wonderful desserts!

I hope we succeeded in giving my momma exactly the day she wanted- a day filled with all her kids (we missed you, Kylie!) and their pups, laughing, playing outside, and enjoying each other’s company over a scrumptious meal. I can’t think of a mom more deserving of all the love (and crazy) we have to give! Happy Mother’s Day, Momma, we love you so much!