Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderfully “long” Memorial Day weekend we just had! I don’t know about you all, but it was very much needed for me. My new job has about half the paid time off that I used to get, so I hadn’t had a day off since the beginning of March. I definitely took advantage of all that free time of an extra day off.

Saturday morning I woke up early to work out at home in our garage. I re-did a CF Open workout (17.1- lots of dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs) and it was even more awful than the first time! Our garage is pretty clean, but by the end I was completely covered in dirt from all the burpees. See proof below. Despite struggling through the workout, I was so happy I made myself get up and get moving. I felt so much better starting the day off being active and just feeling energized.


The reason I got up early to workout at home was because my friend, Andie, and I were headed to Cincinnati for a girls’ day of shopping at Ikea and Jungle Jim’s. These are two of my favorite stores and I could easily spend a full day at each. We stopped off at Ikea first. And because we were meeting another friend at Jungle Jim’s after lunch, we were total crazy people and sped through Ikea in a little over 2 hours. I don’t know how we did it, but seriously major props to us for purchasing only the things on Andie’s list and not being side-tracked by all the gloriousness that is Ikea.

After our shopping spree at Ikea, we headed over to Jungle Jim’s for even more fun. Jungle Jim’s is just the coolest grocery store ever. It is around 200,000 square feet of food and drink heaven. They have whole sections full of just different wine or honey or beer or butter or cheese, etc. There is an olive bar, a bakery (with the most wonderful pretzel breads and croissants and cake pops and cheesecakes and more), a deli, a kombucha bar, and tons of fresh fruit and vegetables. They have things as simple as whole carrots and tomatoes to cactus leaves and rambutan. One of my favorite parts of the store (besides the cheese section and bakery) is the international section. There are aisles upon aisles dedicated to different regions around the world, including Asian, Hispanic, Indian, European, Eastern European, African, and Middle Eastern. I love seeing all the products from around the world! If you have a free day, I highly recommend heading over to Cinci and exploring all that Jungle Jim’s has to offer.

Sunday was such a chill day for Josh and I. I got up before Josh and did all our meal prep for the week. There’s just something about prepping our food that helps me get ready for the week, that helps me feel prepared for whatever might come up. I might not be in control of everything, but I can at least be in control of what I eat. When Josh got up, we enjoyed our cups of coffee (tea for me) and watched some episodes of Good Mythical Morning on YouTube. It’s such a great show and they always keep us entertained with all the weird, random stuff they do.

When we started getting kind of hungry, we headed down to Louisville for brunch at Garage on Market.


We had eaten there once before for dinner and loved it, so I was excited to see what their brunch was like. The weather was really nice outside, so we were able to sit out on their patio and enjoy the sunshine and cool summer breeze. I had to order the housemade red cream soda again, it’s just too darn good to pass up! Josh was adventurous (it seemed adventurous to me, at least lol) and ordered the A.M. Shandy which was PBR with orange juice and ginger. Totally not a normal drink for him, but he said it was pretty good.


We shared an order of beignets for an appetizer. They were covered in powdered sugar and served with local preserves. I don’t know what flavor the preserves were, but I really enjoyed them.


For our meal, we ordered the Monte Cristo pizza. I absolutely love that their pizza is made in the brick oven. The crust was bubbly and the toppings were soooo good! The Monte Cristo was everything we ever wanted from a breakfast/brunch pizza, covered in a garlic puree, country ham, sorghum, Gouda cheese, and sunny side up eggs. And it came with a side of the preserves to dip into! So. Good.


We walked around Market Street for a little bit after brunch. It was fun to peruse a few of the local boutiques and shops. Josh even found a concrete shave bowl that he had been in search of for forever at Scout, the cutest shop full of books, women’s clothing, jewelry, men’s grooming accessories, kitchenware, and more. I loved so many of their items and hope to shop there again soon.

When we were finished looking around, we made our way back down Market Street to Louisville Cream. You know we weren’t leaving a food date without stopping there for dessert. Josh had the Haute Fudge sundae with Bourbon Smoked Pecan and Mint Julep Chip ice cream. The brownie in the bottom is so gooey and fudgy, I could have eaten a bowl of just those brownies. Add ice cream, fresh whipped cream, and hot fudge and it’s a done deal.


I opted for the Salted Butter Caramel ice cream nestled between a Reese’s peanut butter cookie (full of Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter cups) and a salted chocolate chip cookie. It was just so delicious. No matter how hard I try to try something different there, I always get sucked into an ice cream sandwich. And I’m never disappointed.  



Memorial Day was quite the day. I woke up with an upset stomach and just not feeling the best, but we had our annual “Murph” community workout at CF Ripcord to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan. It’s a “hero” workout and while it’s very long and mentally challenging, it’s nothing compared to all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country. So even though I didn’t feel great, I knew I had to push that aside and still try my hardest at this workout to honor everyone. Doing these “hero” workouts is one of the things I enjoy most about CrossFit- even though these people aren’t here with us anymore, we still have a way to honor them and keep their memory alive.

After the community workout was over, we all headed over to one of the gym member’s house for a cookout and pool party. It was so great to just relax and enjoy great food and hanging out with friends for the afternoon. Until I got the worst headache from having no caffeine the entire day. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, but I usually have tea in the morning and sometimes a pop for lunch. And I had had nothing all day. Rookie mistake, right? By this time, Josh was feeling really exhausted too, so we came home and crashed hard. We both took a nap for about an hour and then forced ourselves to move to the couch for a few hours before bedtime. Not quite the way I imagined spending my last glorious hours of a long weekend, but it is what it is. If nothing else, it was really nice to just snuggle up on the couch with Josh and Rocko with no plans for the whole night. It’s moments like these lately that have helped to remind me to find happiness/beauty/joy in even the simplest things.


home of the free because of the brave

Friday evening was pretty much the best ever! How could it not be when it started with me goofing around at the gym and hitting a strict bar muscle-up?! Coach Jeff and I were playing around on the rig and I asked if he could do a strict bar muscle-up and I told him I was close (just being a smarty pants lol). He got soooo close so many times, but couldn’t quite get it. I pulled myself up really high almost getting one and surprised us all, so I had to make another attempt. I switched my grip on the bar and tried again and got one! Of course, everyone was chatting and not paying attention, so no one saw it (face palm). Good thing I video’ed it on the magical chance I would get one! I probably won’t be able to get another one for a really long time, but I was super pumped to get one in the first place…and I can’t lie, it made me feel kind of good because Josh hasn’t gotten one yet and he can do all kinds of things that I can’t! Love you, babe! 😉

File_000 (10)

Saturday was like any other Saturday for us. We hit the gym for our Hypertrophy lifting, mobility class (full of extra laughs and story time revolving around all the fun things children say), and got a great team workout in. The workout included rowing, goblet squats, and bar muscle-ups. I was able to get 3 bar MU in all five rounds (15 total) which is a workout PR for me! Slowly and surely, I’m building up my strength and courage to continue improving. It wasn’t that long ago (about 5 months) that I couldn’t even do 1 bar muscle-up and this weekend I got 15! It’s very rewarding to put in all the time and effort, work on drills and progressions, and see all the hard work start paying off. After class, Josh stayed to teach his nutrition class and I headed home to do laundry and meal prep…I know you’re shocked by this! There’s just something about having all the clean laundry folded and put away and all our meals prepped in the fridge for the week- it just gives me a sense of accomplishment and order. Josh is the best and takes care of all the yardwork. I can’t stand mowing or weed eating, so he kindly handles the outdoor stuff while I handle all the indoor stuff. We spent the evening catching up on all the CF Regionals events for the Pacific, California, and Central regions, then rented “Hidden Figures”. I very much enjoyed the movie. What a time it must have been to live in back during the 1960s- rushing to be the first country into space, fear of the Russians taking over and bombing the US, sexism and racial segregation prominent in the workplace and in the community. The movie was a behind the scenes look at the Space Race, following the lives of three African American women mathematicians who helped launch John Glenn into space, making him the first American to orbit the Earth. There was anger, laughter, frustration, excitement, romance- all the things that make a movie great for me. Definitely check it out if you have a chance.

We started off Sunday morning at church, singing, worshipping, and continuing our multi-week study on prayer. After church, we headed to Josh’s grandparents to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day and his grandma and cousin’s birthdays. At Mamaw’s, you’re always guaranteed tons of food and Sunday was no exception. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, and a veggie tray. We brought Rocko with us (he loves Mamaw’s house because she gives him all kinds of treats) and I mentioned how much he loves hot dogs. Mamaw pulled an entire hot dog to the side and cut it up into little pieces just for him. Talk about spoiled! Kena made the yummiest homemade vanilla ice cream and a cookies and cream cake decorated like a race track.  

File_001 (5)

After lunch and 2 servings of cake and ice cream (I can’t stop myself when it comes to Kena’s cake), I fell asleep in my “nap chair” while the rest of the family played a card game and watched TV. When the card game was finished, we gathered around to watch Mamaw, Colin, and Teresa open their gifts and spend some time chatting and catching up. We headed home after a while and finished watching the CF Regionals events. This weekend was crazy at regionals. There were several injuries (pec injuries from high intensity/high volume ring dips and muscle ups) and a definite shake-up on the leaderboards across the regions- people I thought wouldn’t make it to the Games did and people I thought would make it didn’t. Which is part of what makes watching Regionals so fun…you never know what to expect!   

Monday was Memorial Day, a day we celebrate, honor, and remember all who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. While I have family members and friends who have served or are currently serving, I have been so lucky to not lose anyone in the line of duty. There are so many people though who have lost loved ones and I know “thank you” will never be enough and that our debt to everyone who serves can never be repaid. I am proud to be a member of a gym that does our best to honor the fallen by participating in a special workout, “Murph”, on Memorial Day. Murph is a workout done in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. The workout was originally called “Body Armor” and was one of his favorites. The workout is 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run with a 20 pound vest if you have one. By coming together and suffering through this workout, we hope to pay tribute to Lieutenant Murphy and all that have laid down their lives for us.

After everyone finished the workout, we headed over to Angie’s for a cookout and pool party. Angie and her family are so gracious to let us come over and enjoy their beautiful house and the most perfect backyard oasis ever! Angie had brats, pulled pork, and beef brisket  for us and everyone brought side dishes and dessert to share. We ate lots of yummy food, lounged in the pool and hot tub, and laughed a whole lot! The weather was amazing- the bright sun shining down and big fluffy clouds rolling by with a nice breeze. A group of the adults got together and played a game of volleyball (with some hilarious sideline commentary by the ever energetic Carter) in the backyard for a bit, while the kids jumped on the trampoline and did flips off the water fountain into the pool. So much fun was had! I can’t wait for our next gym pool party and spending time with some of the best people I know!