extra ordinary

We sit on the couch. I sip my black tea, scrolling through Instagram. He sips his coffee, playing a game on the iPad. We snuggle under the blankets, hands touching. In our own little worlds, but together. 

We eat breakfast. Hot oatmeal packed with blueberries, cranberries, ground flax, some pecans and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. We talk about our potential plans for the day.  

In the office, he reads his textbook, watches a module or two for homework. I do a load of laundry and catch up on the latest Real Housewives episodes on Bravo. 

We do a really fun partner workout in the garage. It’s 60 degrees outside and it feels good to finally sweat during a workout instead of freezing. 

For lunch, we have tacos. He mixes up some dough for homemade corn tortillas. We take turns pressing the tortillas and warming them on the stove. They are delicious, especially for our first time making them. 

 We spend the afternoon running errands- returning items to World Market and Home Depot, browsing through Target, dropping off old clothes and kitchen gadgets to the thrift store, picking up groceries at Aldi and Walmart, getting gas.

After unpacking the groceries, I sit at the table chopping carrots, broccoli, green peppers, and onions for our dinner and the upcoming week’s meal prep. He mixes up a batch of chewy chocolate ginger molasses cookies. We talk about the day, food, our families.

He cooks up the filling for chicken pot pie while I finish chopping vegetables. We continue chatting. He tops the pot pie with puff pastry and puts it in the oven. We watch an episode of Chopped while it bakes. The pot pie is delicious- full of vegetables, creamy sauce, flaky pastry on top. 

We move back to the couch after dinner. I drink my cider, while he sips his Maker’s Mark. We watch a new movie on Amazon Prime- The Wedding Year. I curl up next to him on the couch with my feet on his lap. One of my favorite places to be. The movie makes me laugh, makes me cry, just makes me happy. 

We end the night curled up together in bed. I can feel his chest rise and fall, hear his steady breathing, feel his warmth. What more could I ask for than to fall asleep next to this man who challenges me, who frustrates me, who makes me laugh, who loves me, who accepts me just as I am?          

What I wouldn’t give just to bottle up the magic of this perfectly simple, extra ordinary day…