it’s my 5 year crossfitiversary!

I canNOT believe that I have been doing CrossFit for five (5!) whole years as of yesterday! I have never ever stuck with any kind of workout regimen/program for that long… I usually lose interest before a year. So this is a big freaking deal! I was thinking it might be fun to talk about 5 things I’ve learned from doing 5 years of CF.

  1. Being strong is beautiful! Before CF, I was super hesitant to wear certain clothes (ie shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, you know what I’m talking about). Now, I feel so confident in my own skin, especially since I have (slightly) visible muscles! Show off those muscles! Show off that hard work! You are investing in your own body and you should be proud…I promise it won’t make you bulky or huge, but it will make you healthy, strong, and confident (read: beautiful).   
  2. You CAN do it- mind over matter. A few weeks ago, I woke up and looked at the workout programmed for the day. I instantly had the worst attitude when I saw that “Fran” was programmed. Fran is a super yucky workout of 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups and I struggle mentally with it every time. I thought to myself “Fran is too hard. Maybe I’ll just skip today. I ate awful over the weekend, I’m tired, there’s no way I’ll do well.” All those negative thoughts in a matter of seconds. And then I thought to myself “No! There is absolutely no reason for this negativity. There is no reason for you not to go and just do your best.” I did grumble about it in my head still and when I stumbled on my first thruster, I really questioned if I would do well. But, I just kept my breathing controlled. I kept moving slow, but steady. And I got 14 seconds faster! I was so happy! Not only because I’m a little bit fitter, but mostly because my attitude and mental health have improved more than I realized. So, yeah, give yourself those few seconds or minutes to get all the negative and doubts in your life out, but then fill your mind right back up with encouraging, positive, “I CAN do this” thoughts! Choose your ‘tude!!!
  3. You get out what you put in. CF is one of those programs that is exactly how easy or how hard you make it. If you want, you can mosey about and just get the bare minimum done. And believe me, I have those days. But, if you push your limit to the max, you will be sooo rewarded. You might PR a max lift. You might get a faster time on a benchmark workout. You might do a gymnastics movement you never dreamed you were capable of. If you don’t put in the work, you will never know how much your mind and body are capable of. When you push your boundaries (in CF and in life), you just might be surprised what happens!    
  4. There is no better community than a CF community. You can push yourself harder/faster/further than you ever imagined you could with the help and support of your CF family. And don’t laugh- I really mean it when I say family. You spend a decent amount of time with this group of amazing people and every day they pick you up when you’re down and they push you to be your most healthy and best self every workout. You sweat together, you hurt during a hard workout together, you laugh together, and you’ll always be welcome no matter what gym you step into anywhere in the world.
  5. You are not your fitness level/ 6-pack abs/ backsquat weight/etc. I used to believe that I was only as good as the weight I could lift on the barbell. I used to believe that people would like me more if I had 6-pack abs. I used to believe I would only be accepted if I did the workout as prescribed. My gosh, I used to believe some really silly things! My mindset has changed since I started CF five years ago. Previously, I would be at the gym 5-6 times a week for 2-3 hrs every day. Now, I’m lucky to make it to the gym 4-5 times a week for 1 hr a day. The crazy thing is, I’m still getting PR’s in my workouts and I’m still improving every day. And guess what? Even if I wasn’t, my friends and family would still love me and support me just the same. They could not care less if I didn’t PR my Fran time or if my stomach isn’t ripped like a physique model. How awesome is that?! You are worth sooo much more! Embrace where you are in life, embrace your beautiful, strong, amazing body, and go out in this great, big, awesome world and live your best dang life!!!